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Nigerian Natural Hair Styles

Natural hair styles are becoming one of the trendiest hairdos in Nigeria, especially among the female folks. Of course, from time immemorial, natural hair styles have been the norm amongst men; however, even women have now begun to embrace the trend.

Natural hair styles offer a lot of advantages. Firstly, they are easy to do and undo. Normally, for females, it takes anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours to ‘set up’ a natural hair style. This is in stark contrast to the artificial styles with attachments, waxing, tonging and the likes, which consume lots of time. Secondly, another major advantage that natural hair styles afford is in the area of affordability. Natural styles are very affordable to make, unlike the other styles, where one has to purchase whatever additional components that are required to make the styles.

This post highlights the best natural hair styles that are worth considering. Beyond the advantage of time and cost that they afford, they also make the wearer look equally elegant and beautiful. Plus, most of them are suitable for all occasions and purposes.

The top natural hairstyles are: Straw Curls, Buns (double buns, half up double buns), Braids (skinny left or right side braids), or simple weaves. Of all these, and the many others yet unmentioned, straw curls are one of the most widely-used.


Straw curls

Straw curls are one of the most popular natural hair styles around. Both young and old individuals – particularly females – make this style. Plus, it is one of the easiest styles to make, and it offers great convenience. Think of straw curls as an easy and affordable way to give yourself a classy and elegant look, anywhere and anytime. To make straw curls, the only preparation needed would be for you to wash the hair and make it free from unnecessary dirt and dryness. Once it is moisturized, dry it well, and go about setting your straws. You could also ask a friend or neighbour to assist you.

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Once you are done fixing the straws, you can spray hair gel on the hair, or any other recommended substance for your hair type. You could also leave it that way – that is, without applying any substance. Straw curls do not necessarily require any chemical substance or addition to work.

Straw curls ranks amongst ladies’ favourites for the following reasons, among many:

  • Low maintenance: Straw curls eliminate the need for women to visit the salon every now and then to wash their hair, or to restyle after a turbulent sleep, or to remake. With straw curls, irrespective of the situation, all that is needed for maintenance is a little comb with a pointed end to straighten out the curls. That’s all. For luxury, spray gel may also be applied to the hair to make it shinier and finer.

That’s about all that is needed for maintenance!

  • Adaptability to different hair conditions:

Women who have had recent haircuts or those with receding hairline or hair-breaking problems would have problems with selecting the appropriate hair style for their occasions. Most times, they eventually resort to wearing expensive wigs, until their hair regains its full power. However, with straw curls, they may have an option for hair styling. The length of the curls can be arranged to be short or long, in order to accommodate the type and length of hair the individual possesses.

  • Wide usage: As earlier mentioned, straw curls can be worn to corporate events, for business meetings, or for weddings and other social events. The list of its possible applications is nearly endless!
  • Convenience: It is very convenient to wear, and you can also make it by yourself!
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This style is by far the easiest and the most playful natural style to make. However, it finds more appreciation among female children and young ladies, as it is sometimes considered a little out of place for elderly or matured women to don this hairdo.

All that is needed is for you to only get rubber bands and a good comb. Work the comb through the hair, and divide it into two parts. Then, use each rubber band to tie each half portion of the hair, and smoothen it with your hand in such a way to make it resemble classic buns.

It’s really that simple, and it gives anyone who wears it a chicken and playful look.


Another trendy natural hairstyle is Braids. Braids are of different types and orientations, and those braiding with natural hair have lots of options to choose from. Popular braiding options include Mohawk Twists, Pocahontas Braids, Crochet Locks, and lots more.

Braids are a good option for you to style your natural hair for that social gathering or work engagement, especially when you do not have the luxury of time to prepare extensively.

Another natural hair style that is popular amongst many young ladies is called ‘Anita Baker’. This style is easy and very straight forward. To make it, the stylist only has to use a hair clipper set or a pair of scissors to trim the hair to the required orientation, after which, styling can come in, as preferred. If you are female, this style is a good way to look bold and daring, particularly if you work or live in places with high population of males.

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On a final note, natural hair styles offer people much more comfort and convenience. They are relatively easy to make and maintain, and they are almost always not as expensive as other more sophisticated styles. Nonetheless, it is quite uncertain that natural hair styles would replace the more sophisticated artificial styles – especially those in which expensive components like Brazilian wool and Indian hair attachments are used.

For the men, the tradition has always been natural hairstyles. However, in recent times, males have begun to make braids, and even add hair attachments to their hair, as the women do.

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