Native Styles for Pregnant Ladies 2018 – New Releases

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman’s life, and while carrying a baby for 9 months is no easy feat, you shouldn’t give up on looking good.  And that’s why this article will give you the latest native styles for pregnant ladies. Most people are guilty of misunderstanding maternity styles; the major misconception here is that maternity clothes appear to be ugly and shapeless on pregnant women because of the horribly sewn nature of some dresses.

The change in your body does not mean you should change your dress style.  All you need do is to step up your dress sense but stick to your usual style with a little bit of allowance, to beautifully show off your baby bump.  Pregnancy should be a time to show how stylish you are. Native styles for pregnant ladies can be created from fabrics ranging from the ever popular Ankara to the sensuous lace, the regal Guinea brocade, the cultural Adire and lots more.

Nigerian native styles for pregnant ladies are the perfect combination of convenience and fashion: they are comfortable to wear and highlight your pregnancy glow in the best way. Check out the latest trends in native styles for pregnant ladies right now!

1. Maternity Gown Styles

Dresses are the most popular maternity wardrobe item for one simple reason: it’s the most comfortable thing a pregnant lady can wear.

Maternity gowns usually have a loose shape that gently hugs the baby bump and can be worn until the last stages of the pregnancy. If you decide to go for figure-hugging styles, ensure that the material is made from a stretchy fabric, and doesn’t have restrictive elements like belts.  As for maternity gown styles, the type of gown you decide to rock depends on your taste.

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Some ladies prefer knee-length draped-over or empire-waist gowns, which can be easily worn anywhere, from office to shopping.

An uber-chic kind of native styles for pregnant ladies is a maxi dress, which is suitable for a formal occasion or your beautiful maternity photo-shoot. You can rock your maxi or free styled gown with flat sandals to add glamour to your bump.  You can also look funky by rocking a mini.

2.  Maternity Styles: Tops

Native maternity tops made from Ankara, Adire, Guinea brocade and laces are fashionable clothes for Nigerian ladies during pregnancy.

When sewing a maternity top with Ankara, the most popular type used is a peplum one: this is because it looks stunning on a baby bump and can be easily matched with the rest of your outfit.

Native maternity tops can be paired with pregnancy trousers, which have an elastic waist. If you’re fashion-forward, you could rock your tops with pencil skirts. However, you can also pair your Ankara top with cute leggings for a chic summer look.

3. Other Native Maternity Styles

While dresses and tops are the most favourites among pregnant Nigerian ladies, there are still a lot of styles to explore during those wonderful 9 months.  Jumpsuits, Ankara-style pants, shorts, and suits are gorgeous styles you can sew.

Fashion Tips for Pregnant Ladies

  1. Go Flowy: Remember that maxi dresses are a must. They’re a combination of comfort and style. You can accessorise your maxi with an oversized pouch and comfortable wedges. Kitten heels, ankle booties and cowboy heels are great too. And don’t overlook the accessories when dressing your bump. Accessories help create a focal point by bringing the attention to your face.
  2. Be Short and Sassy: As a pregnant woman, you shouldn’t forfeit your fashion sense. A short flirty dress will make you look taller and super, super chic. An additional perk you get with this style is the ability to transform it to a post-pregnancy style. After having your baby, you can style this with heels, add a couple of necklaces and still look gorgeous.
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Whatever style you decide to rock, keep looking pretty gorgeous!









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