Native Styles For Nigerian Men (Stunning Images)

There are hundreds of trendy native styles for Nigerian men, each having a sizeable measure of appeal. Native styles in the 21st century are incredibly different from the primitive styles of ancient times. Fashion styles today are a lot more colourful, fitting, innovative and versatile. One can use the average native style today for a wide range of purposes – from casual to social to semi-formal.

At almost every social event, one will get to see young and middle-aged Nigerian men dressed in various kinds of native attires. This lends credence to the fact that native styles are gradually taking over the fashion industry.

Here are the coolest trending native styles for Nigerian men available today.

#1. Senator Style

This is perhaps the most popular and trendiest native style today, and probably the most popular ever. At least nine out of ten young Nigerian men have at least one senator style attire in their wardrobes, while at least six in ten of the same population have at least two or more.

The senator style is a combination of class and style. It is an upgrade from the traditional native attire made up of buba and sokoto, and it was renamed after a popular senator in Nigeria, for his inexplicable penchant for the attire.

Senator style attires are very versatile. They are the males’ favourites for weddings and similar ceremonies; but they are also suitable for work, social engagements, or simple hangouts. They also do not require extensive embellishments to look amazing: plain styles look great, and so do the complex ones. They are typically made to fit, and they are indeed every man’s delight. According to a recent poll, ladies are twice as likely to be attracted to men in smart senator style attires, than they would be to men wearing other kinds of dresses. Good news for all senator-style-wearing men, perhaps?

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#2.  Native Kaftan Style

The Kaftan style is another trending native style for Nigerian men. It is more popular than the Senator Style is in the northern part of Nigeria. The unique outline and design of the Kaftan style adds beauty and class to whoever puts it on: little wonder it has quickly become one of the men’s favourites.

Irrespective of the chosen colour of Kaftan, it makes its wearers stand out among the crowd. A nicely-woven embroidery adds more beauty to it, and it can be worn for all seasons. It is not versatile as the Senator style in application, but it is certainly a great addition to your wardrobe.

#3. Agbada Style

Agbadas rank among the top three most popular men’s attires of all time. Men of all ages and classes put on Agbada these days, and despite the fact that it originated from the westerners, other tribes have embraced it and fully incorporated it into their dress patterns. Agbadas are so diverse and appealing, that no man’s wardrobe is really complete without at least one Agbada.

These are the three coolest native styles for Nigerian men. You simply cannot go wrong with any of them. Check out stunning images below.









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