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Music Schools in Nigeria: The Top 5

music schools in nigeria

It is easy to enjoy music; however creating it may not be much fun if you find yourself in the wrong music school.

In learning music, it is important that you communicate your musical ideas with clarity and having the right tutor can’t be underestimated in getting you to produce clear and compelling music.

There are excellent music schools that have a proven track record in providing the enabling environment and teaching quality music as well as producing well-rounded musicians.

Below is a well researched list of the top 5 musical schools in Nigeria.

music schools in nigeria

Lee Music School

LMS has a unique music curriculum that is tailored to meet both adult and children. Located in Yaba, Lagos, they have various levels of training depending on your stage of learning. These include preliminary, beginner, intermediate and advanced training which range from 3 – 4 months in terms of duration of classes.

LMS knows that how you sing is dependent on several factors one of which is diction. This is why they’ve included diction classes in their service offering in order to further fine tune their students and to produce top quality musicians.

You can also learn music on your own through their CD which provides a tutorial on vocal cord training.

Their vision is to become a formidable pace setter in voice training and to produce world class singers that would revolutionize the African and worldwide music industry.

Tenstrings Music School

This is the biggest music school in Nigeria with centers in Ikeja, Surulere, Festac, Lekki, Ajah, Abuja and Port Harcourt. Tenstrings was founded in 2007 and has rapidly grown to become the foremost musical school in the country

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TMS offer a wide range of courses which as short as 3 months and as long as 2 years. These courses include audio technology, music production, music promotion, dance and DJ Academy.

Their courses are not just basic training and their graduate students are usually awarded diploma certification. Also, TMS students come from diverse cultures and countries such as Ghana, Zambia, Kenya, Uganda and Cameron

Additionally, if you’re an artiste or an aspiring musician, TMS provides artiste management services. They have a couple of acts being managed by them.

As at September 2016, it was reported that Tenstrings had reportedly trained over 7000 students in its various centers

Strauss Schools

Located in Maitama, Abuja, Strauss is a music, dance, and drama school hence it can be said to be a full scale performing arts institution.

Their two main departments are the Music and Musical Theatre Departments. They als have the Junior and Secondary Departments within these departments.

They have bands and choir group that specialize in various aspects of music namely: the string ensemble, the junior jazz band, strauss youth opera, strauss ballet troupe and the strauss voices.

At Strauss, learning music is fun as they organize their training sessions in such a way that the atmosphere is always exhilarating.

They have both indigenous and foreign tutors which give their music training a unique feel. Also, they have a unique diploma course called the music technology diploma course

Muson School of Music

Located at the Muson Centre in Lagos Island, Muson School of Music was established in 1989. It is one of the foremost music colleges in Nigeria.

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Muson School of Music offers diploma courses and requires that candidates present 5 credits in their Senior Secondary School Certificate examination.

This school is a prestigious centre of music as they are staffed with top class music tutors and equipped with the best music facilities that helps create an enabling environment for their students. They accept intending musicians of all age range.

They usually collaborate with corporate organizations to offer scholarship for students that lack the funds to enroll in their music school.

Lani Stephen Music Institute

LSMI is located in Jos and was established in 1992 with the vision of providing wholistic applied musical training to people of all ages, social and racial groups. They also have a centre in Abuja.

Their admission procedure is quite rigorous and it is quite similar to what you’ll find in any Nigerian university’s admission process.

The courses offered ranged between 1-2 years in duration. They include diploma in sound engineering, musical arts education and keyboard instruments.

This school has a faith-based origin and this is seen in the caliber of some of the courses offered. Some of which include diploma in church music as well as diploma in church music and worship.

Finally, depending on what you intend to achieve as a musician, the schools listed above belong to the upper echelon of musical schools in Nigeria that you can enroll with.


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