Man whose House was Mistaken for Davido Shares his Story

The story reaching us at the moment is about a case of mistaken address involving a twitter user and none other than OBO himself.

It is not every day you get visitors at your house that got the address all wrong. But it appears to be a totally different case for this twitter user whose house has been mistaken for that of popular Nigerian singer Davido.

The twitter user identified as Baki took to the social platform to share his experiences with uninvited guests showing up at his residence to audition or send parcels thinking that they are at the residence of the DMW label boss.

From his tweets, it seems a lot of aspiring musicians had sent their mixtapes to his address in the hope that it was Davido’s house it was being sent to and they could get him to help their careers.


He wrote on twitter “@iam_Davido I think someone put up my address as yours online for a while now been waking up to people randomly singing and rapping in front of my house not even counting the mixtapes they send, and for the past month people randomly come to greet “baby” amongst other things.

Lol please I’ve posted it everywhere that it is a wrong address but they just keep coming! I just want to sleep without someone screaming “OBO PLEASE HELP MY LAIVE” at my window sigh”

For some dubious persons it would have been an opportunity to play a fast one on the intelligence of his uninvited guests, knowing the get rich quick mentality that pervades us now, Baki wouldn’t have been crucified for playing on the ignorance of his visitors.

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It is just another crazy story in the series, we’ve heard stories of people claiming other people’s houses and posting it on the gram only to be caught and disgraced later. What won’t people do to trend these days one would ask. I know you guys know who I am talking about because it wasn’t too long we heard about a blogger claiming another person’s house to be hers and yes I am talking about none other than Blessing Okoro.

As for Davido he is still buzzing from the birth of his first son David Adeleke Junior and he is getting ready to drop his third studio album “A GOOD TIME” which has been scheduled for release when the singer turns 27 on his birthday November 22.

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