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Latest Yoruba Film (2018/2019)

The Nigerian movie industry is unarguably one of the best in the world. Alongside the Indian movie sector, Bollywood and the American movie industry, Hollywood, Nollywood ranks among the world’s top three movie industries.

One major part of Nollywood is the Yoruba movie industry. It is gaining more popularity, as producers are beginning to be more innovative in their movie production. In previous times, Yoruba movies were only known for three major things, irrespective of the producer or title. They are juju or voodoo, their local village settings, and their incorrect English subtitles. As a matter of fact, Yoruba movies were once annoyingly boring and predictable. Once the movie title is displayed, and the viewer sees the first ten minutes of the movie, the rest of the movie can be predicted. Worse still, the English subtitles that should serve as guidance for individuals who have little or no knowledge of Yoruba language were either laden with typographical errors, or were altogether incorrect, or were not properly displayed. As such, Yoruba movies were the turn off for many Nigerians.

Nonetheless, currently, the tide appears to have changed. Yoruba movie producers have taken care of the subtitle problem, and set locations are increasingly urban, and some even overseas. Also, the storylines are no longer as predictable as before, and more popular non-Yoruba actors are getting roles to act in these movies.

In 2018 alone, a large number of top Yoruba movies have been released. Many of these feature the best and most popular Yoruba actors and actresses, like Odunlade, Muyiwa Ademola, Femi Adebayo, Fathia Balogun, and Funke Akindele, just to name a few.

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Here are the latest Yoruba movies, all of which were released in 2018!


The story of this movie involves a certain fellow, named Rafiu. Rafiu allegedly has a talisman that enables him to singlehandedly safeguard his entire community from invasion by armed robbers. Nonetheless, the side-effect of this talisman is an increased consciousness of spirits and witches, such that, he is able to see them with his physical eyes!

Ladi Lado (parts 1 and 2)

Ladi Lado is a movie about three individuals who are skilled in different trades. However, they are habitually slothful in business and resistant to work. They, therefore, resort to alternative means of making quick money.


Atupa, meaning ‘lantern’ or lamp, is a movie about a princess in a local Yoruba kingdom. She happened to lose one piece of jewellery, but it appears that she didn’t lose it, but that the gods of the land took and hid it from her. The princess sets out to search for it but is warned severally to desist from searching and recovering it. Nonetheless, she stubbornly continues her search, and almost unleashes an ancient evil on the entire land as a result.

OSHA Prapra:

This movie is about a young lady who obtains money from her wealthy father on a steady basis. Her love for flamboyance and the affluence wealth brings knows no bounds, and it keeps her on her dad’s payroll. Things soon get out of hand, but she must keep up with her lifestyle. How far would she go to maintain her status? Find out in this movie.

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Coma is a movie about a lady named Tiwa. She assumes that all her so-called loved ones’ care about her, not knowing that, it was them who conspired to hurt her. It was their evil plan that resulted in her landing in a coma, via a ghastly accident. This movie is filled with suspense, drama and betrayal.


Here, Asiwaju is a normal worker at a local sawmill. He unexpectedly finds out that he has a high degree of immunity against dark forces. He is unsure of how he got this special protection; but, enjoying every bit of it, he decides to dare the evil forces. However, luck runs out on him, as he somehow manages to lose immunity in the process.

Sisi Keffi:

In this movie, Sisi Keffi is crushing on Yomi Gold, and she is determined to do whatever it will take to get him to fall in love with her. Suddenly, a popular movie actor is murdered, and the story takes an unexpected twist.


This is a story about a brilliant young woman who has the world at her feet. However, a bad attitude just threatens to rob her of everything she ever worked for, and more.

Omo Alhaji:

This story mirrors a very prevalent issue between Nigerian parents and their children. Here, the child of a highly reputable religious icon in society insists on choosing a career as a dancer. It’s a tough pill for the child’s father to swallow.

Ade Oba:

In Ade Oba (literally meaning the King’s Crown), the crown is missing. Was it stolen, or mistakenly discarded? Nonetheless, the whole palace is in pandemonium, because, if the crown is not reclaimed within a specific time frame, there may be dire consequences on the community.

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Oloore Mi

‘Oloore mi’ is the story of a local mechanic who has a dream about a woman that would help make him great in life. As soon as he wakes up from the dream, he realizes that he has encountered the woman in the dream before. He then goes about, trying to make the dream a reality.

Iporuru (Pandora’s Box)

This is the story of an intelligent career woman who fell in love with a younger man. Both were in love, and the relationship blossomed – or so it seemed! In a while, she decided to dump him due to the age difference, but he won’t let her go just like that…

Ile Wa

Here, problem-prone in-laws from both sides of a family decided to visit their son and daughter who just had a new baby. The timing of the visit of both families is anything but impeccable; as what should have been a peaceful visit, eventually turned out to be a war between in-laws.

Soko Soja:

A power-hungry woman decides to go for spiritual fortification, in a bid to get more power to dominate the people around her. Unknown to her, her decision would lead her down a regrettable path.

These are the latest Yoruba movies of 2018. Enjoy!

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