Latest Top Owanbe Lace and Ankara Style for Ladies and Fashionable Women

Dear readers, we are here today to bring the latest and top best style to our fashionable ladies and women. Now you will say this is strictly for females. Of course not, it is for you too gentleman. Have you forgotten that your little sister will be getting engaged this Saturday? Don’t you want your better half (wife) to slay beside you on the latest Owanbe style that day? Huh? So stay with us and let us help you out with the best treats to give your sweetheart.




Owanbe is a Yoruba word from the sequence o-wa-ni-ibe which literally means “it is there”. However, the term has been generally used to refer to an elaborate party or celebrations of any tribe which includes weddings, birthday parties, coronation ceremonies, the celebration of life (burial ceremony of aged people) and so on. Interestingly, Owanbe is always accompanied by lots of merriments and preparations like “Aso-Ebi” of different fabrics and styles, foods and drinks, sound sets…etc. Every attendant wants to be on their best outfit. It is good really; like I usually say, the way you are dressed will determine the way you will be addressed.


So my fashionable Mr. & Mrs., sisters, working-class, senators, ministers, queens and princesses, those who love to slay and rock on the top best styles at every occasion but not sure of the latest ground-breaking “Owanbe” outfit. Maybe you have weddings to attend this month and you’ve gotten your yards of fabrics (Aso-Ebi), but so confused about the impression to create with it. Do not be stressed! We’ve got you covered with our best selection of “Owanbe” trending styles that you will be seeing below.

Let’s get started by identifying the fabrics.

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Lace comes in different kinds. It could be French lace, beaded lace, tulle lace (available in colour combination), Voile lace (one with million stones) or sequined, to mention few.

The latest Owanbe styles for classy events like weddings, top celebrities’ birthdays, and so on are mostly created by lace. The material is known for its sophistication and adaptation. It can blend into any curves or shapes and it comes in different glowing colours to suit your style. Lace fabrics also are recently being used for “Aso – Ebi” (family clothes).






Many people don’t know that there are different names and different materials used for these fancy fabrics. We all call it Ankara without being able to differentiate between them.


Wax Print


Gold Print

There are wax prints which are the most popular in the fashion industry. Top local and foreign celebrities have been spotted wearing these fabrics. There is one Ankara print that is specific to the Ghanaian culture – Kente. This print originated from Ghana then widely penetrated into the African fashion industry at large. It is very colourful and vibrant. We also have Da viva and Cote d’Ivoire’s uniwax. All these Ankara prints come in different patterns and are suitable for any choice of style. You will agree with me that Ankara is full of life!




These are also one of the trending fabrics in the fashion industry at large. They come in different plain colours and are commonly mixed with other fabrics to create a beautiful pattern of an outfit.

Haven said much about the trending fabrics for our Owanbe parties, let’s feed our view with great selections of latest and top styles that can be crafted out from these aforementioned fabrics.

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All kinds of Ankara prints are suitable for any Owanbe style.  The popular saying “o wo Ankara, o je Semo”, gives me the conviction that Ankara prints will never be outdated and will always remain one of the best fabrics for “Owanbe” parties. So to my Ankara lovers, you who want to dress to kill at that elaborate ceremony you’ve got, our selection of best “owanbe” styles will fit you.

Oh! The burial ceremony is to be rocked with different Ankara styles, right? And yes, the bridesmaids want a mixture of lace and sophisticated silk materials, isn’t that so? Alright then, you’ve got to check out the images below.

Flared gowns



Flared gowns are must-have for your “owanbe” parties to give you a beautiful and unique look. The length of the gown can be long or short depending on your interest. If you have sexy legs and you love to showcase what you’ve got (this applies mostly to fair ladies), the short flare gown will be a good choice. Particularly, these gowns are suitable for women who constantly worry about their attire hindering their movement. Flared gowns can have half shoulder, off-shoulder or full shoulder, depending on how you like it. For a slim person with a tiny neck like me, half or off shoulder is not a choice.

There is also the asymmetric nature of a short flared gown where you have the front to be shorter than the back.


Straight/pencil gowns



These are like the most popular style in vogue. They could also be a long or short gown. Ah yes, the popular part of it is the slit (opening) from below reaching the knee or above the knee. The puff or flare sleeve added to these gowns could be long or short.

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Skirts and blouses (peplum blouse)




You certainly agree with me that the trending blouse for the skirt and blouse is Peplum. I personally cannot recall if I still have that straight blouse in my wardrobe. You too, right? The peplum blouse is more fashionable and suitable to wear with any form of skirts. Peplum blouse and A-line, pencil or six-pieces skirt boost your stature and reinforces your charisma. This style is often worn by married women. I tell you, it’s classy!


Iro (wrapper) and blouse



Gone are the days when “iro and Buba” was commonly worn only by old women. Nowadays, young girls, ladies, mothers, all age range rock on “iro” but with a blouse, not “Buba”. Check them out, am sure you’ll love it!

These styles become even classier when the fabrics are mixed. Particularly when you mix a blended colour of silk fabrics with any kind of lace fabrics, it gives you the perfection of one of the trending Owanbe styles. You can also design your Ankara styles with lace trims to give some beautiful patterns.

Why wait? Hurry now, choose from our best selection of styles; from long to short gowns, pleated, flared or pencil gowns with slit reaching the knee or no slit at all (could be A-line shape).  Trust me, with these top selected Owanbe styles, your wardrobe, and your body will be flourishing with joy.



Thank you so much for your time. I hope we’ve been able to keep you updated.










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