Latest Nigerian Bead Styles 2018

Nigeria is a very ethnically-diverse country. It has different kinds of cultural expressions and heritages that make it stand out as the most populous black country on earth. While we cannot categorically state that beadworks and bead artistry originated from Nigeria, we can however, say that they have a strong following in Nigeria. Many people go to professional institutes to learn the art of beadmaking, and the market itself is in need of more skilled bead artists.

Beads are very exciting jewelry materials to work with. They are very flexible, easy to work with, and very beautiful. They come in different shapes, sizes and colours, and can be worked into any desired system or pattern to give a satisfying expression.

Beads are very popular amongst Nigerians. They are used heavily I traditional marriage ceremonies, as well as, on normal occasions. These days, beads are no longer restricted to local or traditional settings alone: beads are now being incorporated into the corporate world. People wear beads to work, on dates, and for meetings. The beauty of it is, you can actually make your beads into a design that is very suitable for you and your occasion.

There are several different styles of bead styles in Nigeria. Below we are considering the most popular ones.

These are some of the current trending designs in beadworks this season.

Necklace Design

Out of the many beaded designs for the neck, extraordinary necklaces come to the fore. The latest trend makes it compulsory for them to be large enough in size. In all cases, the size of the beads to wear will be determined by the size and body weight of the people chubby or plump people should not wear heavy or large beads. Their body sizes are large enough to make statements already; and on the other hand, lean ladies/slim ladies are encouraged to wear bead necklaces of large sized beads. This helps to diversify their look.

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Chains and beads design

This is another special design currently trending in Nigeria. Like the name implies, it is a ‘combined necklace’, and its constituents are made in several different styles. Small beads could be wonderfully combined with other bead sizes, to give the occasion and personality an amazing look and feel about themselves. Besides, you can try interlacing metal chains with beads.

Chains with artificial pearls: Beads and pendant (Chains and pendants)

Another way that you can combine and wear your beads is by wearing them with artificial pearls or precious stones. Most bead types can actually are combined and can be complemented with spectacular pendants. You look as creative as you can be with the beads!

Necklace with beads and large pendant – Beaded choker with pearls

Chokers are fast-becoming very popular amongst Nigerians. They can also be made using a wide range of materials – satin, silk, lace, leather, or even beads. A beaded choker with fine pearls is another way to combine your beads this year.

Beaded choker with ornament

This is also very unique. Just like the size of the individual to wear the beads should determine the size of the beads to be used, the size of the intending user of the beads should determine how big or small the beads to be used should be. One can choose wide or narrow beaded chokers, depending on one’s body size.


Imagine a beadwork that you could conveniently combine with both formal and traditional wears; that is the necklace collar design. Beaded necklace-collars look very interesting and subtle. They would just respectfully take their place around the neck of who is wearing them. You can combine them with shirts, suits and even gowns. For this reason, may people love this style, from the young working class ladies to the mid-aged mothers, don to the aged folks.

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Rings with beads

This is another very popular style for using beads. Bead artists have found a way to use beads to make ringed ornaments for wearing. One could make several combinations and wear them on their fingers, or one could just purchase them when they have a need for it, maybe due to an occasion or something.

Beaded Bracelets

Most ladies cannot just do without bracelets. They want their wrists to always be occupied, which, is actually not a bad desire. In fact, it could almost even pass for contemporary manicure.

Mixed bracelets with beads: Bracelets with large beads, Chain anklets with beads, Beaded anklets

While bracelets are worn on the hands, Anklets are worn on the legs; specifically on the ankles of one’s feet. They are also heavily in vogue. Bead-based anklets Anklets are actually in high demand this season, particularly when they are combined skillfully with pearls, pendants, or other coloured beads. Anklets are only worn with open shoes like sandals, or flat soled shoes, or even high heels that expose the ankles. An anklet might be work at a beach, rather than for work on a regular work day.

Brooch with beads: Beaded brooch

Beaded brooches are fast becoming the most sought after dress accessory in the market. Despite years of neglect and decline in the use of beads for brooches, the tide has now turned, and today, beaded brooches are in high demand.

Brooch with beaded design

You could just combine your brooches with selected colourful beads or stones to enhance the overall aesthetic of the accessory. When the colour combinations match greatly and the material combination is complementary to one another, then you have a phenomenal beaded accessory.

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Beaded earrings

Earrings made from beads are becoming increasingly popular. Now they do not necessarily look poised to replace the traditional earrings, but they definitely look set to compete. Also, one does not have t pierce their ears before the beaded earrings can be used and enjoyed: there are many types that are made to just ‘stick on’, rather than being suspended by a hole in the earlobe of someone.

Beaded earrings-cuffs: Earrings-cuffs

Beaded cuffs can be stylishly designed to give you that beautiful look. Whether you want to fasten them to the ear using special clips, or you want to follow the conventional pin and hook method, beaded earring cuffs have you covered.

Beaded design for hair: Tiara with beads

Ladies and indeed women who want to enjoy the past feeling of girlhood again could simply do so by getting a beaded tiara for their hair. Beaded tiaras help not only to create an interesting image, but also help to adjust the styling or hair dress having of many curls and strands, in the right position.

Below are samples of various designs.


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