Latest Lace Styles for Wedding (2019)

So, your very special day is ahead and you haven’t seen the perfect wedding dress for you. You have come to the right place! Lace is one of the most popular and gorgeous styles for a wedding this year. These new gowns are so wonderful, and every bride will look like a princess in these gorgeous attires!

We live in the world in which fashion comes and goes, and then turns back, and lace is one of those fabrics that never get old. We can see the lace fabric in almost all new collections, and every lace clothing collection usually becomes very popular among Nigerian women.

Why do Nigerian women prefer lace fabrics?

Lace is one of the most popular fashion fabrics in Nigeria. One of the main reasons why a lot of women prefer this material is because of how it looks. There is no fabric as stylish, feminine, and sensuous as lace. Also, high-quality lace items are gorgeous and project a soft look to the outfit.

Unlike other fabrics that lose their colour after several washes and eventually becomes stretched; the lace material is renowned for holding its colour and shape; hence, making it very durable. Another reason for the craze for lace amongst women is its universality. It’s suitable for all occasions: you can wear a lace dress to a funeral, Thanksgiving, your best friend’s wedding or even to your own wedding. Either way, you will look magnificent and slay!

Lace fabrics in beautiful wedding gowns

Nowadays, Nigerian women prefer to choose lace materials for their wedding dresses over other fabrics. No matter what type of wedding you plan to have- traditional or white; lace material will be a perfect outfit. It will create a very delicate look and make you look alluring as well.

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Wondering what wedding dresses will make you look gorgeous and stunning? The most traditional and popular are white lace wedding dresses with sleeves. Women all over the world love these dresses, especially long sleeve white lace wedding dresses (because they are currently in vogue). What’s more, beige and gold lace wedding dresses are stunning as well.

How to choose wedding dresses that best suits you?

So, it goes without saying that nowadays, there are a lot of different lace styles for wedding gowns. When talking about wedding dresses, you can choose whichever design you want, starting from traditional attires and wrapping it up with the latest trends.

Some Nigerian women prefer short colourful dresses; some go for long and strapless dresses; while others prefer long sleeve wedding dresses in white and beige colours. Quite frankly, picking your wedding dress depends on your taste and vision of beauty. Whatever the case, you should strive to look your best on your special day. Want the latest lace styles to give your fashion designer?  We’ve got lots of gorgeous pictures of stylish Nigerian women wearing beautiful designs and colours of lace fabric.

From the latest French lace to the bling sequined lace, in-vogue cord lace/ guipure and many other types of current lace fabrics in the Nigerian market; we’ve got you covered. If you’re someone who doesn’t fancy poring over tons of fashion magazines, then the best fashion catalogue you could ever ask for is to see pictures of people wearing the styles, and that’s why we curated the best of Naija’s latest lace wedding styles for you. Nothing should keep you from looking gorgeous. Keep slaying!

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