Latest Lace Short Gown Styles 2019

It is difficult to imagine a girl or a woman that won’t look fabulous in a lace skirt and blouse or some latest lace gown. And it’s no longer a secret that Nigerian women wear some of the most elegant short gowns (which can be described as some of the world’s best) – and they are super-creative at transforming any Western dress style into a Naija style that looks  gorgeous  in our native lace fabrics.

Latest lace gown styles in Nigeria are known to be stylish and feminine all year round. Of all lace types, the Cord lace styles will emphasize your best sides and will give your look a bit of a girly touch. Depending on the color and lace material styles, Nigerian fashion lace short dresses are renowned for creating a look of a feminine sophistication every lady will adore.

Feeling confused about what occasions perfectly suits the lace short gown style? No fretting- we’ve got you covered! An elegant lace dress will turn heads at any event, whether it is a wedding, birthday party, other festive celebrations or even a date. You can wear lace gowns every day, and for any reason, depending on the style and accessories you decide to pair with it.

Nigerian Style Short Gowns Are Perfect As Wedding Guest Outfits

Gown aso-ebis (wedding guest wears) are some of the finest styles that would leave you catching your breath, you’d agree. Or what about wearing an Ankara or lace short gown to work on a Friday? It allows you to look both elegant and simple in a traditional style short gown.

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And for brides-to-be, who are planning a honeymoon, be sure to include one or two into your honeymoon suitcase. You don’t want to miss that appreciative look or whistle your darling husband will give you!

What’s more? Nigerian traditional wears and dresses are really looking better and better every day and competing well in the International Fashion scene. The finishings are becoming better (if not exceptional) – even with outfits made by local fashion designers.

How to rock lace short gown styles

To achieve that elegant look with your short lace gown, you need to consider factors, the most important of which is, the quality of fabric and its flawless fit. In order to look stunning at a glamorous party, short lace gowns are your sure bet and matches perfectly with some cape of any pastel shade. Speaking of colours of short lace gown styles in Nigeria, the perfect shades for short (or any other lace styles) lace dresses are black, white, beige, and gray.

Bright colors like yellow, red or royal blue will also make you look stunning! The lace dress is a decoration on its own, hence; you need not bother about wearing a lot of jewelry or accessories. With the help of short lace dresses, you can create easy and relaxed casual looks.

Ensure you add the perfect jewelry and accessories like shoes and bags. Short lace gowns go with turbans, scarves and gele too. In addition, midi lace dresses with ¾ sleeves are perfect for an outing or attending a wedding. During summer, you can choose a sleeveless gown or one with straps (depending on your choice). Ensure that the dress is not too short. Knee length lace gown can also be worn at the office especially when combined with the classic fitted jacket.

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