Latest Iro and Buba Styles 2019

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In Nigeria, Yoruba tribe is a unique culture.They are unique in the aspect of their mode of dressing, spoken language, attitude and behaviour towards other people.

I find it interesting, with the various events or occasions organised by the Yoruba’s. In fact, I keep asking myself how the zeal came about. They are full of creativity and you can get a tip of that from their unique traditional dressing and clothings.

Infact, Iro and Buba happen to be an easier outfit to look into for any occasion or event. You can easily make a unique style in a short or long period. Each design of this particular clothing is meaningful. There are different styles worn by the Yoruba’s. Our main focus is the Latest Iro and Buba Styles 2017.

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Iro and Buba is one of the clothing styles we have in Nigeria. This style can be worn by different people from different places not only the Yoruba’s. The name “Iro and Buba” was originally known from the Yoruba’s and local dialect for blouse and wrapper. Any type of material or fabric can be used to sew Iro and Buba styles. Such as Ankara fabric, Lace fabric, Chiffon material etc.

Furthermore, Iro and Buba styles come in different forms. Buba can be sewn in any form of style and design. For example are: off shoulder, round neck and other kinds of shape. Any shape of Buba style can go with the Iro. I would be sharing with you some outstanding and trendy styles on Iro and Buba.

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Latest Iro and Buba Styles

From the images above, it shows different beautiful designs and shapes used in sewing Buba. Also different lovely materials were being used to sew their outfit. Iro and Buba Styles can be worn to various occasions or events. It is not a style that is meant for a particular event rather it can be worn to any event.

Most elderly women prefer Iro and Buba Style due to it comfort and convenience. They usually love to wear them with nice accessories, shoes, purse etc. The fabrics used are filled with Originality though might be expensive but lasts longer.

In Nigeria, Iro and Buba style is well cherished indeed. That’s all on Latest Iro and Buba styles.

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