Latest Iro and Blouse Lace Styles

In the days of yore, the most popular form of dressing was the traditional Iro and Buba style which was sewn in the same, simple round-neck style. It was tagged as the befitting outing apparel for wives and mothers. It was no surprise therefore that young ladies or even young wives weren’t exceptionally crazy about wearing this style. Some ladies would even swear that they won’t be caught wearing them.

Thanks to the creativity of Nigerian Fashion designers, the traditional Iro and Buba style has now been modernized and transformed into various styles such as the ever resplendent Iro and blouse styles.  If you’re looking for style inspirations to show your tailor, in this post, you will see lots of stunning pictures of latest Iro and blouse lace styles.

What is the Iro and blouse style?

This style consists of the traditional Iro (wrapper) and a fitted blouse (long-sleeved, quartered-sleeved or short-sleeve) created from the same material. Iro and blouse, also known as Buba, is an essential part of any Nigerian woman’s wardrobe. Today, come in stylish forms but still hold on to its true traditional beauty. They were formerly created with Ankara and Aso-oke fabrics; however, the modern iro and blouse lace style has proven to be more stunning than ever!

The latest Iro and blouse lace styles can be made from cord lace, Swiss lace, French lace and other lace fabrics.  You might wonder “Why is lace so popular among ladies? The answer is not far-fetched: lace is very popular because of its light and delicate features. The colours, the patterns, and all things lace present a charming look.

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The Iro and blouse lace looks very elegant. There can be different ornaments weaved into it. They can be large, with lovely floral patterns, which make the lace easily recognized. They can also come in small patterns making it difficult for you to detect the type of fabric unless you take a closer look.

Lace Iro and blouse usually come in many different patterns and colours so you can be spice up your appearance by adding some creativity and having a professional tailor create a stunning outfit.

Fashion tips for Iro and blouse lace styles:

  1. Combine different materials: While using the same material to make your Iro and blouse lace style would make you look gorgeous, you would look even more stunning when you combine different materials.
  2. Use bright colours: Yes, you heard right. Your outfit doesn’t have to be cool or conservative. Add some sparkle, vibrancy and energy to your outfit by combining different colours. Great colour combinations include: white and purple, pink and hot pink, green and red, blue with gold and yellow, aquamarine and white, gold and grey, blue and green, violet and gold, and other great colours. You don’t need to be a colour pro; all it takes is a bit of creativity!
  3. Complement your look with nice jewellery and shoes: Lack of appropriate jewellery and shoes can make your outfit look dull instead of stunning. So also can wrong jewellery make your outfit a fashion disaster!
  4. It’s also important to note that colours like aquamarine and purple are currently trending for lace Iro and blouse styles.
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