Latest Igbo Blouse Styles 2019

Igbo women love always to look trendy and stylish. So, no wonder they make sure they’re informed about the latest trends on Igbo blouses for wrappers, as well as new Igbo blouses designs. Therefore, this article will give you the best of designs you can find online as well as top Igbo colour blouse styles.

In this post, you’ll not only find perfect blouses to wear for a traditional wedding but also beautiful ones that can fit any taste and any season. Without further ado, let’s explore what latest Igbo blouses are perfect for your wrapper.


1. Igbo Blouses for Traditional Marriage

The bride should be the cynosure of all eyes; hence, Igbo women wear special, beautiful Igbo blouses for an Igbo traditional marriage ceremony. The blouses are very beautiful: they are always done in bright colours and with unusual patterns.  The main objective of the blouse is to capture the attention of the guests and the family; hence, making the bride the showstopper of the ceremony as well as further authenticates how bright the occasion is for everyone.

One good thing about this blouse is that unlike your wedding dress which can’t be worn after the wedding day, the blouse can be combined with different skirts and wrappers on different occasions after the traditional marriage.

Furthermore, since family and friends of the bride wear whatever colour the bride chooses to wear on her wedding day, it’s recommended that you don’t choose colours that are difficult to combine. The blouse and wrapper should be able to worn later; therefore, it’s advisable that you pick colours that can be mixed with different designs and patterns. For instance, white, gold, blue and black perfectly goes with other colours.

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2. The wedding blouse

Igbo wedding blouses come in various shapes and designs. Therefore, a bride can opt for blouses with sleeves or those without them depending on the season and taste. The same is also applicable to the length of the sleeves to be sewn on her blouse.

Embroidering special designs on wedding blouses will also make the bride look gorgeous. However, it’s important to note that it’s not compulsory to break the bank before looking gorgeous on your wedding day. To save some money and still look beautiful, you can opt for some parts of your blouse having embroidery.  Moreover, there are no restrictions on the shape of the blouse. It can be whatever length the bride wants it to be. You could choose a slim-cut blouse or a freer one depending on your posture and taste.

3. Igbo Lace Blouse

Another popular choice for the blouse material is lace. You can never go wrong with it, as it makes every woman look regal and elegant.  Additionally, it makes you look fresh and goes with almost any wrapper.

4. Igbo Blouse for Wrappers

The Igbo wrapper and blouse combo will make you look extremely gorgeous.  If you want your blouse to look gorgeous on your wrapper, ensure it is sewn by a professional tailor. Below are the latest Igbo blouse variations and combinations for 2017:

  1. Gold and Grey: These colours are perfect for traditional Igbo styles. You can rock a small gold purse to add some classiness to this look. Of course, this combination is best matched with gold jewellery.
  2. Blue and Green: The blue colour is a favourite for Igbo traditional attires because it’s beautiful and modern. Additional accessories like jewellery and high heeled shoes will totally complement the outfit.
  3. C. Yellow-Beige and Turquoise combination: These two colours look extremely fabulous together and will give you a sultry and attractive look. You can also add some jewellery to complete this look. However, it’s recommended that you don’t wear very bright makeup for this outfit, to avoid looking busy.
  4. Hot Pink and Beige: Pink colour has always been seen a little bit bright and extreme; hence, it’s necessary to use a cooler colour like beige to tone it down and create a perfect blend. You can also complement this outfit with high-heel shoes to highlight the best parts of your body!
  5. Violet and Gold: Become a showstopper by combining these two gorgeous colours together. Do not forget to add gold high-heel shoes to complement this outfit. Plus, wearing violet lipstick to this collection rocks!
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Other great colour combinations to try are:

  1. Hot Pink and Pink
  2. White and Grey
  3. Red and Beige
  4. Purple and White
  5. Yellow, Gold and Blue



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