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Latest Hausa Film (2018/2019)

The hausa movie industry in Nigeria is now more popular than it has ever been. As a matter of fact, it is now referred to as ‘Kannywood’. The name is a combination of ‘Kano’ – which is perceived to be the control centre of the Hausa people in Nigeria, and ‘Hollywood’ – which is the name for America’s movie industry, and from which all other movie industries all over the world derive their identity. The name Kannywood was given by a certain media artist named Sunusi Shehu in 1999.

Kannywood is a distinct subsection of Nollywood. Kannywood started in the late 1990s in the northern part of Nigeris, while Nollywood only came into existence in the early 2000s. Thus, one can safely assert that Kannywood is actually older than Nollywood, its parent industry.

In times past, all there ever was to hausa movies were; dull-looking movie sets, storylines that were unusually hard to comprehend, absence of Hausa-to-English subtitles for viewers who did not understand Haisa language, and unfamiliar faces featuring in key roles. However, currently, all that seems to have ended. Hausa movies are more urbanized and interesting these days. Plus, they have begun to feature top movie stars, even from amongst top Nollywood actors and actresses.

As a result of these new developments, the Kannywood industry is gaining more ground – not only in Nigeria, but all across Africa and beyond. Furthermore, their movies are becoming increasingly popular and readily accessible, and more top movie stars are being attracted to the industry.

We have outlined a list of the latest hausa films, and a short synopsis on each to whet your appetite.

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Latest Hausa Films:

World Wants Garden (Aljannar Duniya)

The story of this blockbuster movie is about a good intention gone horribly wrong. A certain kind individual makes an honest attempt to extend a helping hand to another individual in need, but things eventually do not go according to plan. The act of kindness backfires, and the kind fellow lands in real trouble.

This movie features top kannywood stars like Yakubu Muhammad, Kashim Usman, and a few others.


This is another recent movie from Kannywood. In Mansoor, a man falls in love with a pretty damsel. Sequel to that, he faces several challenges that seem to test his resolve.

Key roles in this movie are played by the likes of veteran actor, Ali Nuhu,as well as Baballe Hayatu, Umar Shareef and Garzali Miko.

One night (Dare Daya)

This movie is a classic family movie, ideal for family night-outs. The story involves two different families who are facing similar challenges in family life but stick together through the odds until they eventually overcome.

Actors featured in the movie include Rabiu Rikadawa, K. Garbatar, as well as the evergreen Shuaibu Lawan.

Auren Manga

This particular movie can be seen over and over again, without one getting tired of rewatching it. It is a mix of comedy and suspense. It features a certain Yahya Suleiman Bosho acting as a local police officer. Top Kannywood director Falalu Dorayi is the brains behind this movie, so you can expect value for your time and money on this one.

Mijin Yarinya

This movie tells a story about an old man who spontaneously decides to get married to a much younger lady. This practice is commonplace among hausas in Nigeria.

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Traditional Wahid (Kalamu Wahid)

This movie tells a spectacular story about a certain man, who sets out to pay his long-time friend a visit. Thereafter, both friends then embark on a most interesting journey.

Main acts in the movie include Ali Nuhu, Abubakar Samira, Sadiq Ahmad, and a few others.

Kanwar Dubarudu

If you’re looking for a perfect comedy movie to unwind with, then Kanwar Dubarudu is for you. The movie features a pair of siblings – a brother and a sister, who love themselves so much and are committed to doing anything and everything for each other.

The roles of these two siblings are played by Ali Nuhu and Sadau Rahama. Beyond the family setup, it’s a pure comedy movie.

These are the latest hausa films for now. 2019 sure looks promising for the industry, as more partnerships are being formed, and new developments are on the horizon.

While we await what Kannywood may bring to the table in the new year, they have definitely surprised many that had them written off in times past, after the political crisis hit the industry.

One would easily recall the crisis that halted the growth of Kannywood in the early 2000s. Having been heavily influenced by Bollywood (India’s movie industry) in the late 1990s, Kannywood was on an upward move, and its progress, popularity and revenue dwarfed that of the entire Nollywood at that time. However, a change in government saw a certain Ibrahim Shekarau step into office as governor of Kano state; and under his watch, the Hausa film industry took a major hit. Firstly, their movies began to be censored. It was alleged that the industry produced movies that failed to uphold and project the true tenets of Islam, and, with Kano being a strong Islamic stronghold, many of those movies were taken off the screens. In addition, many movie producers were jailed and persecuted for the same reasons, and all these developments stalled the progress of the entire industry.

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Because of that, Nollywood, being driven by Western Influence, soon caught up and overtook her. Nonetheless, since the end of Shekarau’s term as Governor, successive administrations have been more liberal with the industry; and, as at this moment, we can boldly assert that the hausa movie industry has since risen from the ashes and is becoming more popular and prominent today.

Popular Kannywood actors include Ali Nuhu, Sadiq Sani Sadiq, Sadiq Dabba, Hadiza Aliyu, Yakubu Muhammad, Kashim Usman, and many others.

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