Latest Guinea Styles for Ladies (2019)

Guinea fabrics feature a weave with floating threads to create a lustrous surface and sheen. Most times, they have different background weaves and often showcase an elaborate embroidered surface weave. If you’re on a mission to rock some of the latest Guinea brocade styles, and just can’t find the right inspiration, then this article is best for you!

Are you looking for the latest Guinea styles for ladies? Look no further: This article is just what you need!

1. Guinea gowns

Without contest, the most popular form of rocking a Guinea fabric is the Guinea gown style.  Luckily, with this style, you can pick any style that that matches the occasion suits your body shape and fits your appearance. Floor-length gowns are the most popular forms of Guinea gowns.

It is loved by women of all ages because of its versatility (can be worn all year round), and it’s flattering and stunning nature.  Maxi Guinea styles for ladies are also very popular for social events because of the sophistication it gives the wearer. Short Guinea brocade gown styles are also a common style, especially among younger ladies.

2.  Guinea separates

Another stunning style made from the Guinea brocade is a suit, made from a Guinea top, usually a skirt and blouse. The biggest perk attached to this outfit is that you can wear it both as a suit and as a separates, allowing for an endless number of sophisticated looks.

The most popular way to rock a Guinea top is by pairing it with a black pencil skirt for an everyday office look, and your oh-so-favourite pair of jeans to achieve a casual look.  You can also throw a dressy blazer over your outfit to achieve an uber-chic look and transform it into a stunning outfit for a date or night out!

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Guinea Fashion Tips for Ladies:

  1. When sewing a blouse or dress from Guinea brocade fabric, be sure to pay attention when selecting the cut of the neckline. If the fabric pattern is small and not vibrant, you can choose any neckline. However, if the ornament is large and contrasting, the cut-out should be designed either in rectangular or triangular form. The popular “Angelica” cut type is also suitable for this style well too. Note: If the fabric edge is wavy and has embroidery, you can open your shoulders and make it a straight neckline
  2. Styles like suits, skirts and blouses can be sewn from one fabric as well as several fabrics. The major aim is to ensure that you combine colours correctly. For example, you can sew a bright top or blouse with a Guinea brocade fabric with a small or large pattern depending on your preference.

To achieve a cool and sophisticated look, ensure the skirt has a minimal, conservative pattern and moderate contrasting elements. However, if you decide to go all flashy, it’s recommended that the upper and lower parts of your outfit are made from the same fabric.

  1. If your fabric has a conservative tone and barely noticeable pattern, you can sew a skirt and blouse or a small straight dress to the knee or just below the knees. This outfit is suitable for everyday office look or casual outings.

How to clean and dry Guinea Brocade

As a result of its intricate patterns, Guinea brocade tends to shrink when wet. Therefore, dry cleaning us always the preferred method for cleaning this fabric; especially for the expensive ones. However, if hand washing is suggested, always use cool water and a mild detergent.

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Never scrub vigorously or wring the garment. Extra care should also be taken when laundering the fabric to protect the longer floating threads that form the design from breakage and give it its lovely finish.

To dry, lay Guinea brocade garments flat in order to avoid snags or pulls that occur when placed in a tumble dryer or spinned in a washing machine.



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