Latest Guinea Style 2019

While keeping track of the global fashion trend may be a tad bit difficult, it’s important to note that you don’t need to wear all the latest fashion trends. As a fashionista, you should know what your favourite essentials are, have them in your wardrobe and wear them with class and elegance.  Guinea brocade is one of such fabrics that should never be found missing in every Nigerian woman’s wardrobe.

What is Guinea Brocade?

Guinea brocade is a very special type of fabric, especially for females. It’s noted for its beauty and recognizability; as its distinct pattern and shape of the clothes allows you to spot the fabric from a distance. The fabric is suitable for formal and social occasions, but it truly shines when worn to social outings. Guinea brocade comes in bright colours and patterns and is usually embellished with embroidery to make your outfit unforgettable.

The fabric is dense in structure; hence, items sewn from this fabric are known to hold on to the desired shape. Since Guinea brocade usually has an embroidery or pattern, its patterns are usually geometric and can be found on the entire surface of the fabric. However, the patterns can also be placed in the middle (as a form of large ornament), or around the edges (as small patterns).

This season has noted an increase in the demand for a yellow or golden pattern placed on the main fabric in shades of brown, white, pink, turquoise, and blue.  Interestingly, Guinea brocade also comes in shades of lilac and purple colours. If you’re more of a conservative colour, you’ll have to match the fabric with a pattern that’s a bit lighter or darker as opposed to the main colour of the fabric.

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Guinea brocades with embroidery are stunning and would turn heads when you step out for an outing. Most times, the embroideries have a wavy edge. It’s best suited for flowing dresses and festive blouses.  Designs with sequins and rhinestones will also make you look attractive. The embroidery comes in form of floral ornament (flowers, leaves, and stems).

If you’re on a mission to rock some of the latest Guinea brocade styles, and just can’t find the right inspiration, then this article is best for you!

1. Guinea Gowns

Without contest, the most popular form of rocking a Guinea fabric is the Guinea gown style.  Luckily, with this style, you can pick any style that that matches the occasion suits your body shape and fits your appearance. Floor-length gowns are the most popular forms of Guinea gowns.

It is loved by women of all ages because of its versatility (can be worn all year round), and it’s flattering and stunning nature.  Maxi Guinea styles for ladies are also very popular for social events because of the sophistication it gives the wearer. Short Guinea brocade gown styles are also a common style, especially among younger ladies.

2.  Guinea Separates

Another stunning style made from the Guinea brocade is a suit, made from a Guinea top, usually a skirt and blouse. The biggest perk attached to this outfit is that you can wear it both as a suit and as a separates, allowing for an endless number of sophisticated looks.

The most popular way to rock a Guinea top is by pairing it with a black pencil skirt for an everyday office look, and your oh-so-favourite pair of jeans to achieve a casual look.  You can also throw a dressy blazer over your outfit to achieve an uber-chic look and transform it into a stunning outfit for a date or night out!

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3. Guinea Styles for Men

While Guinea brocade can look gorgeous on women, there’s no disputing the fact that this wonderful fabric looks dashing on men too. The most popular way to rock Guinea brocade for men is a suit. The two pieces can be a total match or united by one theme yet look a bit different. However, no matter how you wear it, this fabric will make you look handsome and trendy.









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