Latest Aso Ebi Maternity Styles

The transition from a flat tummy to a baby bump is often accompanied by a wardrobe evolution. And, usually there’s one problem when it’s time for party – you don’t know what to wear.

But really it isn’t as difficult as you think. There are some latest aso ebi maternity styles that you will find comfortable wearing during your pregnancy and we’ve highlighted them below.

Maxi Dress

This is the perfect style for your extra weight and you can even blend it with a variety of designs. Also, the dress can be worn to virtually all kinds of occasions. From casual outings to your sibling’s wedding party, there’s a certainly a great maxi dress for your occasion.

Additionally, you can design it as a sleeveless or a short sleeved dress. You can also style it as a long sleeved dress which allows the outfit to cover your entire body.

Maternity Shift Dress

Shift dress is a trend among the young and older ladies. However, the pregnant women are certainly not left out.

A maternity shift dress can be made with any aso ebi fabric. Also, it’s quite easy to design your shift dress the way you’d like. For instance, you can add pockets to it or you can tweak it in other ways.

Also, your shift dress can be made either as short sleeve or long sleeve depending on which you find most comfortable.

There are many places to wear your shift dress to. One of such is work. This can be on a Friday and you can complement your outfit with a blazer to give a unique look.

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Midi Skirt

The midi skirt is another style that can be combined with a variety of tops to make you look classy during your pregnancy.

You can wear native fabric midi skirt with a crop top or even a long sleeved blouse.

Overall, the midi skirt is one of the favourite go-to skirt in any pregnant woman’s wardrobe

Straight Fitted Dress

Whether it is sleeved or sleeveless, a straight fitted dress is an interesting outfit that you can certainly rock during the course of your pregnancy.

The outfit can be designed with ankara or lace fabric and worn in combination with other apparels in a variety of ways.

Off Shoulder Dress

The off shoulder style is an adventurous way to design your outfit as a pregnant lady. You can design your attire as an off shoulder midi dress or as a fitted dress. However, the style is primarily dependent on your stage of pregnancy and the size of your baby bump.

High Waist Skirt

Your high waist maternity skirt is another interesting way to emphasize your baby bump while looking classy.

This design can be made with ankara print and can be combined with different types of tops.

Additionally, the high waist skirt can be worn at any stage of your pregnancy and the ankara print creates a comfortable feel even with your bump.

Also, your high waist skirt can be styled as a pencil skirt to emphasize your curves making you look drop dead gorgeous.


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