Latest Ankara styles, Design and Unique Fashion 2019

Happy new year people! 2019 for many, is going to be a year of shining, finessing and personal improvement in many aspects of your individual lives. For the classy ladies, style is just as important as life itself. The way you dress, the way you carry yourself, can determine how far you’ll go in the new year. So what better way to make a bold statement than having the latest Ankara styles adorned by only the most respectable women in society, as a fashion choice in the new year?!

Beyonce Slaying in her Ankara Style


Fashion is like art. And nothing is more artistic than stylish African prints. Ankara prints have been the design of choice for many fashion designers out there because of it beauty, simplicity and flexibility. From time to time, Ankara prints can usually be seen on international celebrities like Rihanna, Beyonce, Katy Perry and Jidenna, just to name a few. It is now clear that Ankara prints has long gone beyond the shores of its origin.

Rihanna on Point with Ankara Design

Ankara prints are very attractive and easy to fall in love with, but it takes a skilled fashion designer to bring the best out of a beautiful material. By just adding Ankara prints to your closet collections, you add a boost of colour, panache and individuality to it. Selecting the best fabric however, is the first step to making the fashion statement you desire. And what more? Ankara prints can be worn for any occasion, all you need to do is to choose the best style that showcases your figure and brings out the best in the fabric.

Jidenna in Ankara Style

Unique Ankara Styles

For the fashionable ladies, there are so many gorgeous Ankara print styles for you. From colour to fabric quality, and unusual cuts, you can create for yourself a stunning look that’ll keep you trending with the latest designs.

The fashion industry changes year after year. Designers and manufacturers of these attires come up with newer and more alluring styles for your wardrobe. African trendsetters do keep up with these trends as fashion lovers are always taken by the elegance and combinations of these unique styles.

As we enter 2019, the diversity of the Ankara dresses are even more evident. There are now some impressively bright floral ornaments, geometric patterns, and a combo of two or more tones and colours in one image. The cultural based designs are the most recognisable.

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Get Classy in Ankara Gowns

Beautiful ladies, petit or Grande, no matter the figure you can find Ankara gowns just fitting this season. The ranges of gowns available now include various styles and elements of different length. Spacious and straight Ankara long gowns below the knee can be worn below the knee with slim classic trousers or you can decide to wear it on skinny trousers.

A flared gown with nice folds at the shoulders should be found in your wardrobe. These gowns can be of different lengths. You can have them both high waist and below the knee in length. There are also styles that are asymmetric in nature, where the front remains short but the back is longer.



Your short Ankara gowns can also come with a cape covering the shoulder giving it a fashionable look. Ankara fabrics mostly produces brilliant and eye-catching gowns with both elements of the same colour and having a pattern quite similar.

Women who do not want to draw too much attention to their figure or worried about their attires hindering their movement will find loose Ankara gowns perfect for the occasion. These gowns are perfect and a must for a pregnant woman’s wardrobe.

Ankara Gowns for Expecting Mothers

There are several off the chain Ankara gowns for pregnant women. Professional designers can sew gowns that would make pregnant women still look classy no matter the stage of pregnancy. Nigerian women no doubt always want to look beautiful and outstanding even in pregnancy and going for colourful designs is a good idea.

Ankara is perfect for women during pregnancy because it can be sewn in respect to body size and fitting. Women no longer have to consider not wearing this type of fabric during pregnancy thanks to the latest designs available in 2019. They allow you maintain your stylish look with your baby bump while in good quality Ankara fabric.

Ankara fabric will help you to be comfortable in your outing clothes during pregnancy. It is normal to be sensitive about appearance during this period. The Ankara gowns are available in different colours and shapes so that you will be confident in your clothes during pregnancy.

Ankara Skirts and Blouse

The Ankara skirt and blouse should be considered when creating different unique looks. The large range of choices of styles and colours make it fashionable to combine several types of skirts and blouse. These combinations can create new and unique looks every day. Peplum blouses and long narrow flared skirts reaching the floor are a personal favourite for many African ladies.

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Another fantastic way to wear your Ankara is the skirt and blouse. You can decide to wear the skirt and blouse in the same colour or blend different colours and shades. You will find that the colours in their different elements can sound out and complement each other. Ankara skirt and blouse doesn’t necessarily have to look like a suit. The open shoulder blouses with cut-outs at the back are also trending this season. Designers can decide to add lace details in festive versions, and they can have the same colour with the blouse or a contrasting colour.

For the skirts, a pencil skirt will always be fashionable. Ankara gives the skirt an unchangeable form with many variations on the colour theme and design. A working class lady in 2019 will find several options from the Ankara skirts variety to restate her elegance.

Flared skirts – Maxi, mini and midi are a must for a fashionista’s wardrobe and they are very popular. The asymmetrical lengthened skirts of the flared version gives it a very beautiful look. These are the skirts that women specifically love for the special occasions in their lives. They give a more appealing look than the traditional skirts-pencils. A riot of colours and variety of pictures give the skirts a colour range that stands out. The following styles will be appealing to working-class ladies who want to look sharp and elegant at the same time.

You can go for any colour mixture you like, if you want to design a combination of skirts and blouses. And if you’re going for a look that is really exquisites, you can consider a mix of a flared multicolour skirt and a single colour top having a simple cut.

Mixing a single colour pencil skirt and a chic multi-coloured blouse with different designs and ornaments is quite a fashionable combination, and fortunately for fashionistas, Ankara offers the widest variety of options this season.

Ankara Tops Suitable for your Conservative Wardrobe

Ankara tops are a universally acceptable way to complement your jeans. Ankara will provide a wide variety of tops to create everyday looks. This is a very conservative element of any wardrobe. So, when deciding your top cuts, me sure to be to make a decision on what suits you.

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Ankara can create many open shoulder and open back tops. If you’re going out for an occasion or just a stroll out with friends, they are a perfect choice. You can decide to experiment and match colours of the skirt and blouse to your taste and how your mood is generally. Take inspiration from the celebrities and fashionistas used as examples.

Ankara Jacket Styles for 2019

This season offers jackets of bright colours in a mix with ornaments and patterns. These jacket are fitting when worn on jeans and single coloured trousers. You can also wear a monochrome top with the Ankara jacket. Ankara jackets can be a rule, fitted or slightly-fitted, with the length reaching the middle of the thigh or just below the waist. The collar on the jacket could either be turn-down or standing.


Other styles of these Ankara jackets can be worn without a top or blouse, they create a gorgeous look when worn in a combination with a one-colour dress. Ankara also offers peplum jackets too, which will come as music to the ears of peplum style lovers. Classic cut jackets are fastened to several buttons or a single button, while some are tied up.

Modern Ankara Dress Styles

For ladies, whatever complexion or figure, you can find the right dress that fits perfectly from the trendy Ankara dresses available in 2019. They can be designed as a gown or a dress having a simple silhouette.

Ankara dresses can also be longer or below the knee. Corporate versions of these dresses can be worn for work. The ones with a brighter colour scheme and more complex cuts are just the right fit for a day off and when you want to go outing with friends.

The latest Ankara styles will surely tickle your fancy. For example, this geometric ultra-modern prints with its unique cuts is a gorgeous sight to behold.

There are also the long dresses from the modern Ankara styles. The evening versions of the dresses are always captivating. The quality fabric, which includes Ankara lace styles, especially the ones with rhinestones decorations makes the ladies adorning them look like queens on a festive evening outing. The casual long dresses are also quite fashionable.

Don’t forget, the Ankara dresses style of 2019 comes with certain qualities such as; a bright colour, beautiful ornaments, beautiful patterns and an original cut which all mix together to give you a dashing and classy look.





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