Latest Ankara Jackets for Today’s Women | 2019 Fashion

There are quite a number of ways by which women show off their class, and one of them is by the way they dress. These days, women do not dress just to cover their bodies or to attend events, but to make statements.

Over the years, fashion styles for women have evolved from the primitive-looking, slit-less long gowns and dull-looking headgears to some very stylish and even crazy designs today. One of the trendy outfits in vogue today is the Ankara Jacket. Surprisingly, this piece of clothing is not only popular amongst Nigerians and other Africans, but even Americans and Europeans have developed a love for the African print.

The use of Jackets has evolved far beyond protection from cold weather. These days, an Ankara Jacket helps to bring out the beauty in your outfit, especially if you are wearing an even-coloured gown or blouse underneath, and a skirt that adequately complements the pattern and colour of the Ankara material.

Ankara Jackets are fashionable, affordable and easy to maintain. Their versatility is one of the reasons why they have become very popular. They can be worn for a wide variety of functions, ranging from social events and casual gatherings to even corporate functions. They would easily rank as one of the ‘must-haves’ for all ladies in this era. They are available in a wide range of styles, shapes and colours.

We have outlined the latest Ankara Jacket styles for you, accurate for this period, March 2019. Future changes in the fashion industry may render some designs stale and others could replace them as the ‘latest’. Also note that this list is by no means exhaustive, as more designs are being released every day.

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 #1. Ankara Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jackets are the latest in town. Almost every lady either has their own bomber jacket or has worn one at some point in time. Wearing a bomber jacket on a pair of jeans and heels makes you look smart, classy and ‘ready-to-rumble’! You can decide to have the sleeves reach the cuff of your hands, or you roll them up to your elbow. Whichever style you choose; it gives you this smart and I-mean-business-esque look!

#2. Ankara Blazers

Whenever the word ‘Blazers’ is mentioned, the average mind almost immediately drifts towards the usual corporate blazers made of polyester and cotton material, or in some cases silk, suede and the likes. However, there are now blazers made of Ankara material, and they are equally as cool and elegant as their conventional corporate cousins. The Ankara blazer can be styled in different ways based on your preferences, and can be worn to a wide variety of occasions. It is very versatile, and can be worn on a gown, skirt, pair of jeans or palazzo trousers.

#3. Ankara Crop Jacket

Think of the crop jacket as the shorter version of the Bomber Jacket or the Blazer. You can wear it on a nice palazzo trouser, or a pair of jeans and heels. They make you appear smart and elegant, which is why you should consider them. They are also very versatile, and depending on how you have the jacket designed for you, it could be used in athletic activities and/or other social engagements.

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#4. Ankara Cape


You simply cannot go wrong wearing the Ankara cape. It gives you the look and aura of royalty! Though most women can find Ankara capes that suit their body figure, it is most suited for women that are tall and slim.

 #5. Ankara Peplum Jacket

There are not many Ankara pieces more beautiful than the Ankara peplum jacket. With the variable neckline and free-flowing sleeves (long, short or elbow-length), this piece is a top choice for those looking to look smart and stylish, yet comfortable.

#6. Kimono

  An Ankara Kimono ‘Jacket’ is a wonder to behold. Kimonos have dominated the fashion scene for years now, and it’s no surprise to see them still dominating with Ankara fabric. The key to bringing out the beauty in an Ankara Kimono jacket is to ensure that the colour of the kimono contrasts sharply with the colour of the inner garment. For instance, if you are wearing a red patterned Ankara kimono, the colour of the inner garment should be something that complements the red colour well. That way, the contrast is enhanced, and so is the beauty of your overall outlook.

 #7. Sleeveless Jacket

This is only slightly different from the Kimono. It is typically long-flowing but the length can be varied based on personal preference. Many women who have worn the sleeveless jacket have also confessed to looking slimmer and fitter in pictures, much to their delight.

#8. Dottie Jacket

The dottie jacket is simply a jacket made from dotted material. It typically comes without the traditional zips and/or button, making it very unique, fashionable and versatile. However, some styles include a few fancy accessories like buttons and zips – not for fastening, but for enhancing the beauty of the outfit.

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#9. Wax Print Jacket


The African Wax Print Jacket is technically a combination of the conventional jacket and the bomber jacket. It comes in different designs, patterns and styles, and is also suitable for many occasions. This piece alone can transform your look from being ordinary and boring into being classy and attractive.

#10. Ankara Cape Jacket

Nothing makes you look more like an African celebrity than the Ankara Cape Jacket. Combining the features of a native Cape and a Jacket, this piece gives you the ‘superwoman’ kind of look, and is suitable for mostly social gatherings of all forms. With the cape jacket, throw in a slim and shiny inner blouse (that complements the colour of the jacket) and a pair of jeans on heels, and you’re sure to steal the attention from everyone around you.

These ten pieces are the hottest trending Ankara jackets in vogue today. There are many other designs, however, and we’d surely keep you posted of new styles when they are released.


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