Latest Ankara Crop Tops Style | 2019 Unique designs

Crop tops are one of the trendiest clothing articles in the world of fashion today. Today, the average young woman’s closet contains at least one or more crop tops.

For those who are not conversant with terms used in the fashion industry, the name ‘crop top’ refers to a kind of blouse which when worn, leaves a part of the navel and tummy exposed, and in most cases a part of the back is also visible. There are different styles and variations of crop tops, all of which are unique and easy to maintain.

Ankara crop tops are indeed a beauty to behold. The brilliance of the colours of the peculiar African print coupled with the patterns of the material serve to enhance the beauty and appeal of the customers. More importantly, they seem to be more suited to the African weather conditions.

There are different styles of crop tops, many of which can be modified to suit individual preferences. As long as you are human, there is never the problem of having to search for a style that suits your physique, as there are abundant options available. There are some styles that come with an open-back feature, like the tube crop top. These ones reveal a large portion of the back area, as well as the neck region. You can have yours designed to have a very low neckline or otherwise, depending on your preferences. The classiest ones come with an open back, low neckline and ample fittings to avoid embarrassments.

Here are the trendiest Ankara crop top designs in vogue today. Nine in ten individuals wearing crop tops are wearing either of these designs. Please note that these styles are regarded as the latest as at March 2019. Many more styles are being released daily and weekly, and it is expected that more latest designs will be released over time. Also note that these styles listed here are not the only styles available in the world of fashion today. There are still others, these are only the trendiest and most common.

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Ankara Bandeau Top

The Ankara Bandeau top is also known as the ‘tube crop top’ or the ‘strapless top’. It is very popular among young ladies. The word ‘bandeau’ is a French word meaning ‘a narrow band worn around the head to hold the head in position’. Therefore, the bandeau top can be accurately described as a narrow top worn around the torso. It is typically made to fit the body of the wearer tightly, and by so doing amplifies the features and contours of the body. It comes without straps or any sort of fastening mechanism, and ladies who are heavily endowed and love to flaunt their assets will find it very attractive.

Unleash your inner wild child with the funky Ankara Bandeau top. It is perfect for social engagements and casual meet-ups. It is best complemented by a pair of nice shorts or leggings and sneakers.

Hunter top

The Hunter top is another ladies’ favourite. Even though it comes with ties around the neck for suspending the cloth, it retains the ultimate crop top feature – the slightly short length in front to reveal the navel or waistline. The brilliance of the African print makes the whole outlook more alluring, especially if the colour and pattern of the Ankara material contrasts and complements the skin complexion.

Off-shoulder Crop top

This one combines the traditional ‘crop’ feature with the classy ‘off-shoulder’ feature popular among young and middle-aged women today. Ankara off-shoulder crop tops are a beauty to behold. The best part of the whole mix is this this piece can be worn on basically any kind of skirt or trouser. Celebrities, sportspeople and even normal individuals have been spotted wearing off-shoulder crop tops with pencil skirts, skinny jeans, and even shorts on sneakers. They also do not consume much Ankara material, making them a smart economic choice for individuals looking to look classy on a low budget.

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Crop tops first started gaining relevance in gyms and in sporting arenas. With the evolution of sporting activities and procedures, runners, swimmers and other sportspeople adapted their regular, traditional clothing preferences and embraced the crop tops as it offered them both convenience and covering; not revealing too much of the body, but still helping them get their activities done. The tops came without the interferences often experienced with normal sweatshirts and cardigans. However, their use would soon evolve beyond gyms and sporting activities to everyday life. These days, many people dress for comfort more than for utility, and with increasing acceptability of certain degrees of exposure of body parts in the world today, it is no surprise that crop tops have become a near necessity for the average 21st century lady.

In times past, the major material for making crop tops was either cotton, polyester and silk, due to their sports-related use. However, in recent times, other kinds of material have been employed, and we are even beginning to see fashion designers make crop tops using the unique African Ankara material. These tops have been received and appreciated in Africa and beyond, and there has been increased demand for it by customers.

Crop tops are more appealing when worn on pencil skirts, slim jeans on heels and/or shorts. One of the major advantages of the crop top is its versatility. Crop tops can be used for a wide range of purposes and occasions, and they generally offer comfort and flexibility. Many individuals have been spotted donning Ankara crop tops to weddings, birthday celebrations, beach hangouts and even on road trips. However, it is yet to be regarded as an acceptable clothing in the corporate world, though it will be no surprise to see this change in the years to come.

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