Latest Ankara and Lace Styles (2019)

Nigeria Ankara and Lace styles will make you look unique way and make eyes pop around you. But have you thought of adding some lace material to that gorgeous Ankara fabric you’ve got? It has proven to be quite interesting and fun too! Ankara and lace styles can be sown into different kinds of styles from skirts & blouses to jumpsuits, lovely evening long gowns, pencil skirt, ball gowns, pinafores, and much more.

While the thought of putting together various styles from the Ankara and Lace combo might sound insane to the average Nigerian lady; in reality, these outfits turn out to look stunning and turn heads wherever the wearer goes. Of course, with lace being a material, almost exclusively used for female clothes, these styles look best on dresses, ranging from both elegant evening ones to sexy and fun, and modern ones.

There are zillions of ways you can put the Ankara and Lace fabrics to good use. What you need is a dash of creativity, a love for experimentations and the ability of your fashion designer to make the combo look stunning. Below are five Ankara and Lace combo styles worth considering for 2017. Enjoy!

1. Ankara dress with lace insertions

This is probably the most popular way of combining the two fabrics in one outfit. To get the best out of this style, it’s recommended that you match a bright and colourful Ankara fabric (to get a bit of a contrasting look) with a semi-transparent lace fabric to achieve a toned look.

Most times, the lace insertions are normally situated on the most non-revealing parts of a dress (to achieve decency), like sleeves and collar. However, if you’re achieving for a playful look, you can design your Ankara dresses with lace on the chest and on the skirt.

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2. Ankara skirt and lace blouse

While this combination often doesn’t look like a one-piece dress, it still makes for a gorgeous look. The contrast in this Ankara and Lace combo makes it even more obvious, and therefore, attracts even more attention. Furthermore, it’s the simplest combination you can make on your own without sewing.  To make this outfit pop, matching it with the proper accessories can make this style look stunning. For example, you can rock a necklace or bag that matches your skirt – this way your look will achieve a harmonic and a highly contrasting look. Another great accessory to don with this style is by wearing an Ankara gele with the same ornament as your skirt. Cool, isn’t it?

3. Lace dress with Ankara insertions

With this Ankara and Lace combo, people might find it difficult to determine, whether your dress is made out of lace with Ankara insertions or vice versa.  Of course, it attracts more attention and makes you the cynosure of all eyes. So, if you’ve been lacking ideas about how to transform your elegant and classy lace dress into something much more fun and bright, simply adding some Ankara material to it will do the magic.

The Ankara fabric can be a great addition to every part of the dress, starting from the skirt to chest. Some dresses even have vertical stripes of Ankara from the top to the bottom. The major thing is the ability to experiment with style. What’s life without some risks or touch of craziness?

4. Ankara blouse and lace skirt

This Ankara and Lace combination is rare than all the other ones, but that doesn’t mean that it’s bad or ugly. In fact, it would be great to see more of it. Typically, lace is known to be too revealing to be made as a skirt out of it; however, there are some lace fabrics that are great for this combination, specifically lace with small ornament. It almost seems like a simple fabric, but a closer look reveals the beauty and thought behind this style.

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Whatever lace and Ankara style you decide to rock, remember to keep looking stunning, classy and elegant!

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