Latest 2019 Abaya Gown for Nigerian Ladies

The latest 2019 Abaya gowns typically feature a blend of traditional and modern ideals: the traditional aspect to promote the peculiar culture of Nigeria, while the modern/western aspect is there to make the attires more applicable and attractive to modernized Nigerians who want to stay connected to ‘home’, without losing touch with their new-found western realities.

Abaya styles are typically made with specific regard to the tenets of Islam, but they are not like the typical Islamic clothes. They look modern, stylish and classy, yet not connected well enough to tradition.

In this post, we explore the latest Abaya Gown designs and styles for ladies in 2019. Here goes:

Coloured Abaya with White Polka Dots

Single ladies, head over here! The simple Abaya dress with white polka dots is perfect for single ladies, young women and even teens and adolescents who have an eye for fashion. Nothing complicated, yet classy and sophisticated. A simple red or green Abaya gown with white polka dots is one way to go! Good choice of footwear and hairdo will help to effectively round up the look!

Coat-style Abaya

This is the first on our list that features an obvious infusion of swag and creativity into the native abaya design. The coat style makes it very versatile, and can be worn for both formal, social and casual gatherings. Don a classy pair of heels to complement this outfit.

Abaya Bridal Attire

The Abaya royal bridal gown is certainly one to look out for. For ladies who love to stand out and be the center of attraction at social events, this is a good option for you.

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Suede and Silk Abaya

This combination will leave you feeling ecstatic! No wonder it is rare to find and quite expensive to purchase. It consists of a long silk robe (which forms the main Abaya) with artistic suede details, and decorated with royal beadings and beautiful embroidery. The dress is rounded off with a suede drape-piece that runs across the shoulder. To get the best out of this outfit, ensure that the colours of the suede and the silk fabrics are complimentary.

Cape-style Abaya

This is for the bold slayers! Silk itself is magical enough on its own when used for an outfit like this: but the cape design takes the magic to a whole new level. It exudes power, brilliance and wealth. Kill off your look with a pair of sunshades and nice stiletto heels to keep the secret admirers drooling.

Striped Abaya Gown

This is for those who are tired of the monotone or two-toned ‘normal’ abaya dresses. As magnificent as Abaya dresses are, they can be boring if the colours are dull. The striped Abaya gown offers something more unique and attractive, yet versatile and classy. Ditch the regular colours of black, grey and navy blue for something more adventurous like black and white zebra stripes, or any other striped pattern you lay your hands on.

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