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Lagos State Ministry of Education Vacancies And What You Need To Know.

There is no doubt that Nigeria’s education system is failing to keep up with the present-day challenges it faces. Issues of inadequate structures and facilities, lack of qualified teaching staff and so on, are just a few among a myriad of problems. The issue has been left unsolved for so long that it may soon become insurmountable for the federal government when it eventually gets it’s act right.

But that is not to say it is all doom and no gloom. Some states in the federation, especially Lagos State, have shown the impetus to keep up with the growing demand of quality and affordable education. Under the Ministry of Education, whose mission is “to provide quality and accessible education to all pupils through a means of effective and efficient management of resources to attain self-reliance and socioeconomic development for the state”, there have been a restructuring of the education system in the state to try and meet up with the desired standard of education for 21st century growth and development. Though Lagos state is still fully a participant of the NCE (National Curriculum on Education) guidelines; which is enforced by the federal government, they have the willingness to find solutions to the problems regarding education in the state.

Duties performed by the Ministry

  • It is responsible for the approval and regulation of private schools in the state
  • Inspection of both public and private schools to ensure the maintenance of quality learning standards
  • Monitoring of state-owned tertiary institutions
  • Management of public nursery, basic and technical learning in the state.
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Lagos state has the highest number of Primary and Secondary schools in the country. It is also the state with the highest number of school children. The Lagos state ministry of education is solely responsible for the administration of education policies in the state. The Ministry is divided into departments, units, extra ministerial departments, and agencies. Lagos state is credited as the pioneer of education districts in the country, and they currently have six (6) of those across the state, with professional teachers acting as permanent secretaries running the daily activities of schools under their districts, from primary to secondary cadre.

New teachers and other staffs are needed on a yearly basis, and these vacancies are usually publicized in the national dailies and online job platforms.

Interested candidates should visit the Lagos State Ministry of education at their office located at the secretariat, Obafemi Awolowo way, Alausa, Ikeja and make inquiries about the next recruitment. If it is ongoing, you can go online now and apply.

An aptitude test will be conducted for applicants who meet the registration requirements – followed by an oral interview before the final selections of successful candidates.

Those who intend to apply for the 2018/2019 Lagos State Ministry of Education Recruitment should log on to their website @

Make sure you remember that your application must be attached with your CV and copies of all certificates you own.

Also ensure you apply for only one job position because candidates with multiple applications are usually disqualified.

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PS: No fee is required for registration or any step of the recruitment process.


Info you need to know about the Lagos State Ministry of education, and the administration of education policies in the state are as follows:

  • Departments and units in the Ministry include: Finance and Administration, Planning, Science and Technology, Research and Statistics, Curriculum Services, Examination Board, Private Education and Special Programmes, Basic Education Services, Inspectorate, Education Resource Center, Accounts, Multi-lingual center, Press and Public Relations, Projects, ICT and Procurement Units.
  • The State Universal Basic Education Board (  SUBEB) oversees primary education (1001 primary schools) in the state up to Junior Secondary level (339 junior secondary schools).
  • Some of the roles of SUBEB includes; to handle the construction and rehabilitation of primary and junior secondary schools in the state, preparing the master plan and the formulation of policies for implementing UBE programmes.
  • The Basic Education Services Department (BESD) oversees the running of senior secondary schools in the state and is also responsible for collaborating with exam bodies to organize external examinations in the state such as WAEC and BECE. There are 319 senior secondary schools in the state.
  • The Private Education and Special Programmes Department is in charge of overseeing the running of private schools in the state and some of its functions are to register the schools, perform inspections; before and after approval, and the monitoring of the activities of these private schools.
  • The Lagos State Vocational and Technical Education Board is in charge of overseeing the performance of technical colleges in the state. There are currently five (5) of these colleges in the state.
  • The Lagos State Educational Management Systems (LASGEMS) is responsible for the collation of student data in the state. Data of all students, both in private and public schools, can be assessed online due to efforts of LASGEMS. Students in Lagos schools are issued a personal identification number and an ID card.
  • The Teachers Establishment and Pension Office (TEPO) like its name implies, is responsible for pension related matters, welfare of staffs in the districts, relating with unions and registering teachers employed in the state.
  • The enactment of law by the state legislation to set up special schools to cater for the needs of children in the state with special needs has led to the increase in special schools in the state to 38. 900
  • The support our school (SOS) initiative was brought about by the need to invite stakeholders and corporate bodies to assist the Ministry in providing facilities, scholarship and grants, and learning incentives for teachers and students.
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The Lagos State Ministry of Education is repositioning itself to properly influence the education system in the state with effecting policies aimed at improving capacity and performance of students at exams so that the value of education in the state will be restored.

There is the need to pay full attention to education in the country after-all, and as Nelson Mandela put it “Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world”.

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