Kwese TV Channel List, Decoder and Subscription Price

Kwese TV is the latest digital television service provider taking the continent of Africa and indeed the whole world by storm. Owned by Zimbabwean Billionaire Strive Masuyiwa and registered as a subsidiary of Econet Media – itself a subsidiary of African telecommunications giant Econet Wireless, they are already becoming the people’s favourite, both in Nigeria and beyond.

They have acquired exclusive rights to broadcast international boxing bouts, particularly those involving Nigerian-British IBF Heavyweight champion, Anthony Joshua a.k.a ‘AJ’. They recently set up a viewing arena for people to watch his victory over Cameroonian boxer Carlos Takam in his hometown of Shagamu, Ogun state, Nigeria.

In a nutshell, Kwese TV provides exclusive coverage of all ‘AJ’s’ fights free of charge; and this has endeared them to millions of sports fans all over the country. Furthermore, they have recently acquired rights to broadcast NBA games for a number of years to come, beginning from next season; thus replacing Supersport to become the official broadcaster of NBA games in sub-saharan Africa. This means that viewers can now view live NBA games, NBA Playoffs, WNBA games, as well as all finals.

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In addition to that, they have also acquired exclusive rights to air next year’s world cup in Russia all over Africa and beyond. They appear set to break Supersport’s (of Multichoice) monopoly of the African digital broadcasting landscape, as they have also reportedly acquired leaped over to acquire exclusive rights to broadcast live English Premier League games from next season.

Despite being currently operational in only twenty five African nations (including Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Rwanda, Malawi, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania, South Africa, Ghana and Zambia), their popularity has spread like wild fire to every nook and corner of the continent. They offer pay-per-view services, and they also offer a very flexible set of payment plans and options to suit the needs of individuals.

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Set up to become Africa’s best indigenous Pay TV services provider, Kwese TV have a wide array of channels and packages that would make you want to ditch your current providers and switch immediately to Kwese. The comprehensive Kwese TV package has almost 70 exciting channels and includes well-established brands like Dreamworks, CNN International, ESPN, and DTX; as well as other indigenous channels like NTA and TVC.

Kwese Tv Channel List

Kwese TV has a lot of channels in its collection. They are grouped into categories – Sport, News, Entertainment, and etcetera. Amongst the categories, Kwese offers 21 special channels: six channels that have never aired in Africa, eleven channels specifically for the African people, and four other well known brands.

Kwese Tv Movie Channels:

Zee BollyNova

Kwese Movies 1

African Movie Channel

CBS Reality

Zee BollyMovies

Kwese Movies 2


Kwese Movies 3


True Series and Movies

Kwese Prime


Kwese Stories

African Movie Channel Series

Lifestyle Channels:

Kwese Inc.

Kwese Know

Kids Channels:



Kwese Kids

Cartoon Network





Kwese Tv Sports Channels:


Kwese Sport 1


Spurs TV

City TV

Arsenal TV


Kwese Sport 2

Liverpool TV

E Sport TV

Kwese Free Sports (KFS): *This is Africa’s largest free-to-air TV channel offering top-notch sporting content to sports fans at no cost. It is available in several African countries. Today, KFS holds exclusive free-to-air rights to the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia next year.

Travel Channels:



Discovery Science

Animal Planet

Nat Geo Wild

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Fashion One


Nat Geo Core

Music Channels:

MTV Base

Trace Africa

Trace Mziki


Box Africa

Trace Gospel

Gospel Channels:

Flow TV



Dove TV


News and Business Channels:


TVC News


Sky News

France 24

Al Jazeera


BBC World News

Africa News


Channels TV

Kwese TV Decoder:

Kwese TV Decoders are available in all countries where the product has been launched and licensed to operate. It is expected that more countries will be added to their scale of operations as time goes on. Whichever way you want to install Kwese TV in your home or office, you must make use of the Decoder.  If you have a dish that certified Engineers have deemed fit to work with Kwese TV, you may connect right on; otherwise, you will have to get a new dish. Kwese TV has branded dishes that can be purchased from local Kwese TV service providers.

Kwese TV decoders are actually not exorbitantly priced. A Kwese TV decoder costs not less than $27, while the price could be higher if one is purchasing a satellite dish alongside it. For a decoder, satellite dish and installation by an Engineer, the price is $49.85. Converting this figure to your local currency following the current currency conversion rates in your country will give you an idea of how much it’ll cost in your local currency. For example, in Nigeria, it will cost around 9,730 naira to purchase a Decoder, while the Decoder plus the satellite dish and installation charges altogether cost around 17,970 naira only. This prices may be slightly higher or lower, depending on your location within the country and the dealer you decide to purchase from.

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Kwese TV Subscription Price:

Kwese TV’s subscription plans and prices prove it to be very affordable, considering the quality of services they offer. Upon their launch into the Nigerian broadcasting and TV services market, they introduced an ultra-flexible set of subscription plans to suit the needs of different kinds of individuals. The plans are:

3-day subscription plan, which costs 990 naira;

7-day subscription plan, which costs 1,850 naira;

And the 30-day subscription plan, which costs 6,275 naira only.

In addition to that, the first 30 days after purchase are free for all subscribers: that is, every fee paid for purchasing the Decoder and/or satellite dish also includes a free one month subscription. Afterwards, they will have to pay the required amounts to access Kwese TV services.

Many have been used to DSTV’s monopoly for years now, and even the introduction of HiTV, StarTimes and GoTV only helped them to grow stronger. However, with Kwese TV on the scene now, it appears that the tables have turned. Kwese TV is the new face of African broadcasting.


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