Italian Suits for Men (Latest 2018)

In clothing, the Italian made are known with high virtues of quality, craftsmanship, and design, so the Italian suits.

Italian suits has peculiar properties and structure making them different from British and American style of suit. Looking back Italian suit had evolved in many styles which change with trend, but those special element are still what we find in Italian suits style of the present day style.

Most Nigerians are less concerned about which type of suit they wear, all they want is to get any fitted suit. Italian suits are mostly preferred for  the few who know about it.

Starting with the special properties of a blazer/jacket of an Italian suit. (Note; A suit comprises of a blazer and a pant). The front of the jacket shows a pronounced V-shape. The V-shape is actually deemed very attractive on most men. The jacket is always short, slim fitted and the curve shape at the waist is very obvious. It is always single breasted with high gorge lines. The pockets are flap less and the button-usually two or three, are usually placed a little bit closer to the top.

Originally, Italian suits do not have any vent, but moving with trend, a vent or two can be present. Also, Italian suits are lightly padded at the shoulders.

Now to the pant. The pant of an Italian suit will have a tapered waist, fitting tight to the hips. Before, it used to end with only break, but nowadays, they are made with no break. The garment or fabric looks light, feel light, and wears light. So you feel more comfortable with Italian suit. One of the benefits of light fabric is for the suit to blend through all contours of your body.

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Italian 1

Very few Nigerian tailors could sew for you an Italian suit perfectly. The best of these few tailors where you can get a nice one of your choice is GRANDEUR Tailors.

Italian Suit style.

Italian suit