If you want to know whether I’m pregnant, ask me says, Regina Daniels

Social media star and wife of a multibillionaire, Regina Daniels, often talks about gossips of her possible pregnancy that has been on the spotlight on social media lately. It appears from her recent post on social media that she wants her supporters to look for explanation directly from her.



While the actress, Regina, remain muted about her real condition, it comes across as though she was addressing her comment to bloggers. In her account, she said she is the only fellow who has precise facts about her likely status.


Following her report on Instagram, she displayed a photo which suggests she may be pregnant. However, she is yet to positively affirm or invalidate the rumour.



According to her report, she said she’s the only one who has all the specific answers. “If you are going to ask about me, ask me. I’m the only one with all of those answers,” she stated.

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