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Human Rights Activist Lawyer, Femi Falana Condemns the re-arrest of Omoyele Sowore

The human activist lawyer, Femi Falana questioned the way his clients were arrested, stating the State Security Service Agency detained his clients under the excuse of inviting him for proper questioning at their office. Falana added, “The atmosphere was very rowdy, but I insisted the arrest could not be carried out within the precinct of the court. He was going to be arrested outside the premises, but a crowd resisted the arrest, but I appealed to everybody and asked Sowore to jump into my car and so we drove to the office of the SSS because they said he would just answer a few questions, but now he is being detained.”
Sowore’s lawyer explained Sowore could not have perpetrated any other transgression due to his detention by the DSS in the last 125 days. He further said except the DSS wants to explain to the entire world that the Sahara Reporters publisher, Sowore, carried out the crime whilst in their detention.
Also, Falana attested that the manner the DSS carried out the arrest was mortifying and it is the first time it would happen. According to the lawyer, “This morning, the SSS lawyers and the lawyers of the Attorney-General reported to the court that the order of the court had been complied with and I confirmed because our clients were released last night,” Falana said. “As soon as the court adjourned the matter to February next year, the SSS operatives pounced on the court, disrupted proceeding and then attempted to arrest our clients even in the web of the court, that was extremely embarrassing because it has never happened in the history of Nigeria where you enter a court to arrest anybody, even an alleged coup plotter.”

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See photos and videos of the arrest below:

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