How to Transfer Money with UBA Mobile Money Transfer Code

United Bank for Africa (UBA) is one of Nigeria’s leading innovative banks. They have been around for a fairly long time, and they have gradually set the pace with their wide range of innovative products and services.

Mobile banking services have been in vogue for a while no. They were introduced following the mandate by the Central Bank of Nigeria to all banks in Nigeria to provide suitable platforms for their customers to keep up with activities in their accounts easily and also make basic transactions from the comfort of their homes or offices.

Mobile banking has been referred to by some analysts as ‘banking at one’s fingertips’. This is because there is a lot that could be done only in the banks that is now possible from the comfort of one’s home, using nothing but a mobile phone. Services available on the mobile banking platform include:

List of services that are available on mobile banking services include:

  • Account Opening
  • Money transfer
  • Account Balance Enquiry
  • Card less Withdrawal
  • Airtime recharge
  • Data Recharge
  • Bills payment
  • Cash on the go
  • Card control
  • BVN linking
  • Generation of OTP
  • Changing and setting of PIN and Security Code

These are a number of services that are available on the mobile banking system. However, despite this wide range of services, there are still a few things that would warrant a visit to the bank. Some of them are listed below.

List of services that are not available on mobile banking services include:

  • Cheque deposits
  • Printing of bank statements (cannot be printed through phone!)
  • Making overdraft withdrawals
  • Uploading of passport photograph and other sensitive details on to the account
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How Mobile Banking Works

Mobile banking works based on a special code called the USSD code. All banks have a special USSD code that is peculiar to them. For customers to carry out mobile money transactions, they have to dial this code from their phones and follow the prompts.

How to transfer with UBA Mobile Money Transfer Code

To use the UBA bank mobile banking, you need to register first from a registered number associated with your bank account.

To register, follow this simple procedure:

  • Dial the bank’s special USSD code, which is *919#
  • Follow the on-screen command, get your PIN and start using UBA mobile USSD banking.

To make money transfers to other UBA accounts, follow this simple procedure:

  • Dial *919# from on your mobile phone, using the number you are registered on
  • Follow the on-screen command to select the amount, the account number and to input your PIN for authentication.

Alternatively, you can follow this process:

  • Dial *919*3#
  • Follow the on-screen command to select the account number of the beneficiary, the bank name, the amount that you wish to transfer
  • Enter your PIN or the last four digits of your ATM card or BVN for final authentication before the transaction can be confirmed.
  • That should do. You should receive an alert from the bank indicative of the status of the transfer.

To make money transfers to accounts of other banks in Nigeria, follow this simple procedure:

  • Dial *919*4#
  • Follow the on-screen command to select and input the bank account number and the amount you desire to transfer
  • Confirm the bank name and the details of the transaction
  • Enter your PIN or security code (as the case may be) to authenticate the transaction.
  • Expect to receive a message from the bank, informing you of the success of the transaction.
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One beautiful aspect of this mobile transfer service is that it is very easy to use. One does not require specialized knowledge, and neither is a high-end smartphone or computer required to perform transactions on the platform. Much unlike the internet banking, where transactions would have to be performed using internet connection and a smartphone or computer, the mobile banking service can be done using any kind of phone that is GPRS and/or EDGE/CDMA enabled and can conveniently make and receive calls.

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