How to Transfer Money with First Bank Mobile Money Transfer Code

First Bank Nigeria Plc is unarguably one of Nigeria’s oldest banks. It is also one of the country’s most-reliable financial institutions. First Bank has been in operation since the 19th century, and has already established itself as a financial giant in Nigeria, Africa and indeed the rest of the world.

First bank’s mobile banking services are one of the best in the country presently. They are user-friendly and easy to master. They also provide ease of transacting for all their customers. Unlike before when customers would have to go to their bank branches every time they had transactions to carry out, first bank’s mobile banking service alleviates the burden of always having to physically visit the bank branch for transactions. They have made basic day-to-day transactions available for the customers to perform from the comfort of their homes and/or offices.

Even though the mobile banking service makes it easier for customers to monitor activities on their accounts and make basic transactions, it is worthy to note that there are still a few things that customers would have to go to the bank to do. The following is a run-down of all the services that are available on the mobile banking platform, and also those that are not available there.

Services available on mobile banking services

  • Account Opening
  • Money transfer
  • Account Balance Enquiry
  • Card less Withdrawal
  • Airtime recharge
  • Data Recharge
  • Bills payment

And a few others.

Services that are not available on mobile banking services include:

  • Depositing of cheques
  • Printing of bank statements
  • Uploading of passport photograph and other sensitive details on to the account
  • Overdraft withdrawals
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How to make transfers on First Bank Mobile Money Transfer Service

Making of transfers on the mobile banking service is very easy. The system makes use of a special code known as the USSD code. Customers must dial the USSD code of the bank before they would be able to access their accounts on the bank. The unique USSD code for First Bank is *894#.

The beautiful part about mobile money transfer is that one does not need to have internet access to make transactions. Once you have a phone that is GPRS/EDGE/CDMA enables, you are food to go.

Before the transfer can be successful, three things must be in place.

  • The phone number that is registered with the bank must be available.
  • There must be sufficient money in the account to make the transaction
  • The USSD code must be dialed from the registered phone number, and the instruction must be followed to the letter.

How to transfer money – First bank to First Bank and other Banks without Internet

Follow this process to transfer money from your first bank account to other accounts:

  • Dial *894*the amount*the beneficiary’s account number#
  • Follow the command and set the destination bank account name
  • Confirm the details on your screen before proceeding. The name and bank of the beneficiary will be displayed, as well as the amount you are sending and the receiver’s account number.
  • You will be required to authenticate the transaction by entering your unique PIN number. However, if this is your first transaction, you will be required to set a new pin and also create a unique code that will be used to authenticate all transfers. This process is very straight-forward.
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This is the process by which you can make transfers from your account to other accounts, whether they are accounts of first bank, or accounts of other banks.

It is also very important to note that you must only use the number that is registered with the bank (that is, the number that you receive transaction alerts on) for this transaction. It will be a waste of time to try to use another number to access your account; and it will also be a waste of time to try to use your own number to access another person’s account. Security on the mobile banking system is quote tight, so there is no room for fraudsters to perpetuate their nefarious activities.

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