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How to Get a Job Abroad from Nigeria

The current state of the economy is biting hard on workers at all levels. Companies close faster than new ones are formed and many Nigerians resident outside the country choose to stay in their respective locations, working multiple jobs to make ends meet, rather than come home to join the suffering.

There are different kinds of jobs abroad that one can get while even still in Nigeria. Contrary to popular opinion, one does not need to travel abroad first before he/she can get a good job. Now, while that will certainly help, it is not impossible to get one from home. All you need is access to the right knowledge, and the capacity to exploit opportunities when they arise.

Getting a job with a foreign company in a foreign country is certainly a boost in one’s career, particularly those looking to build global careers. As a matter of fact, the way things are, if you want to become a global brand in your field (that is, a global authority in your field), then you will need some internal exposure and working experience. You need to be exposed to the standards that are obtainable in the global market; and getting a good job overseas is one way to start climbing up this ladder.

However, with all its attendant benefits, getting a job abroad is truthfully not an easy task. It is quite complicated – but not impossible. Here are a few tips that you must consider in planning to get a job abroad from Nigeria.

1. When scouting for potential destinations, go for countries in need of skilled labour

Now that you need a job abroad, a glamorous or popular destination should not be your top consideration. You should be looking out for countries where your skills are needed, and where you find opportunities to work and earn. Many people flock to the more popular and developed nations like the United States of America, United Kingdom and France. These countries are good, but they are way ahead of the pack – their job markets are saturated, and they are under obligation to provide jobs for their own citizens first, before they can begin to think of offering jobs to qualified immigrants. Instead of choosing these popular destinations, look for and choose countries where skilled labour is in high demand, and who have very flexible immigration laws. Examples of such countries are Canada, Australia, Germany, Oman, and a few others. Go where you will have a platform to learn, grow and contribute, not where every other person is clamouring about.

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2. Develop Yourself. Build Competence

It is better not to have an opportunity at all, than to have one and fail to maximize it. If you want to work abroad, you must understand that the requirements for gaining entry to the workplace in those countries is much higher than the standards in Nigeria. Thus, if you want to stand a chance, you must build capacity for it. When you know the kind of job you want to apply for, look at the skillsets that employers in that field would normally request for; and see how you can equip yourself in those areas.

The top five skills to develop yourself in, if you would stand a chance of getting a respectable job in a foreign land are: Digital Marketing skills, Graphics design and photography skills, Hardware engineering skills, as well as Sales and Marketing skills

3. Get the requisite Education and Work experience

Not many overseas companies are so open to training staffs, especially entry-level staff. Thus, if you will stand a chance of getting a good job overseas, you must ensure that you have the requisite educational level that the job position you are applying for requires. Also, work experience is very key. See if and how you can work with global corporations in Nigeria, even if it’s on an internship basis. That way, you get the right level of experience and exposure, and it would surely make your CV worth considering.

4. Get an International Passport

This is the mistake many people make when applying for jobs outside the country. They apply for the jobs, and when the employer contacts them to request specific identification info like an international passport, they begin to give excuses, because they do not have. You must understand that your first impression matters, and life doesn’t always give second chances. Most overseas employers are very serious-minded and principled people. They do not have time to waste. No matter how good your CV looks, if they contact you to request specific information like a scanned cop of your CV, or they ask for a live video interview and you are unable to meet up to their demands, they take you for an unserious person. So, it is advisable, that even before you apply for overseas jobs, when you have made up your mind to apply, please get an international passport.

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5. Find the Right Position

This is also a very crucial part of getting a job abroad. Many people are so intrigued by the thought of working in another man’s land, that they fail to actually take time to consider hat kind o job they really want to do. If your application for jobs will be successful, then it must tally directly with the skills you have to offer, as well as your educational background and work experience. Do not apply because a position is vacant; rather, apply because it is vacant and you have what it takes to fill it adequately. Foreign employers do not like the possibility of hiring a mismatch, so if they are going through your CV, and they see you applying for something you have no prior experience or education in, questions will be asked, and our application will most likely be shelved. So, when applying, please apply only for the job(s) you are most qualified and competent for.

6. Networking

No man is an Island of knowledge or opportunities. You should try to get acquainted with those who have worked abroad previously, or those currently there. You cannot be bigger than your network. Go to job fairs and immigration center exhibitions. Learn more about the country. Learn the language of the country you intend to travel to, if you can. Make friends with the citizens of that country, if you can.  Network!

7. Study abroad

This is one of the easiest routes to gaining a good job in an overseas company. Most companies allow foreign students – especially those who were trained to apply for jobs. Also, you must know that immigration rules are constantly changing, so you must be conscious and ready to take your chances.

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8. Travel outside the country

This happens to be our last on the list. The truth is, while applying via the internet is good and even saves cost, the best way to make a strong impression about your suitability for the position is for you to appear physically for the screening and intervie process. This is because, not many employers are open to recruiting staff from foreign countries; and even those that are, will see it as a sign of commitment for you to appear there physically.

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