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How Much does Wedding Gown Cost in Nigeria?

In preparation for your long time yearned wedding ceremony, you have to know the estimate and cost of all you need for the wedding. From what most couples give utmost importance to is their wedding dress. Especially the bride’s wedding gown

How much does a Nigerian Wedding Gown cost?

It depends on what you really want and you budget, but the average moderate price is 35,000 naira. On a broader view, the price varies from as low as 5,000 naira to high prices of millions of naira. Your worth and your budget make you decide which one to go for.

Where to Buy a Wedding Gown

Most Nigerians who have the means would always want to import their wedding gowns from abroad, because they believe they are more quality. But wedding gowns can be purchased here easily too from these online shops like Jumia. You order from their site and they bring it down to your door step. Also, you can visit any mega store that sells quality around you.

More so, we have Nigerian tailors who sew wedding gowns perfectly but they are very few. You have to be careful if you are going for such option.

As you read through, in search for information about your wedding, you are wished best of luck.

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