How Much Does Nigerian President Earn?

From what many Nigerians do wish to know is how much their president earn as basic salary and how much he receives as allowances. Arguments do arise about what the exact amount is. Here is just the breakdown of his earnings

According to the revenue mobilization allocation and fiscal commission, RMAFC empowered by section 32d of part 1 of the third schedule of the constitution to determine the remuneration appropriate for political holder, the president was said to receive 3, 514, 705 naira as basic salary, with some other allowances which include, Constituency allowance, Hardship allowance, Accommodation, Furniture, Duty tour allowance, Medical and some other allowances. With all the allowances the president would earn 1, 171, 568.33 naira per month and 14, 058, 820 naira yearly.

This amount is very small when compared to what past president earned while while they were in office. So, by judging from what is apparent, it seems the present administration has a better offer for the citizens.

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Question: How much does Nigerian President earn?

Answer: See article above

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