How Much Does Nigerian International Passport Cost?

An International passport is one of the necessary things you must have to travel abroad. So, in preparation for your tour/ journey, it is pertinent to know how much it will cost you to get one. Lucky for you, you are just on the right page to get the correct info.

The passport is of two types- The 64 pages and the 32 pages passport. The 64 pages passport was introduced for Nigerians who travel a lot as they quickly exhaust their 32 pages.

From a statement signed by the Comptroller General of Nigerian immigration service, Mr David Parradang, the 64 pages passport for frequent travelers goes for 20,000 naira, while the regular passport varies with age. For ages between 18-60 years, it would be obtained at 15,000 naira, while for those 18 years and above 60 years would cost 8,700.

If there could be any need for a change of data or renewal of a lost passport, an amount of 20,000 would be needed. Also, changing of name as result of marriage, death, or divorce would cost 8,750 naira

To get a passport, it is important to get some documents available which include; passport Application form, payment slip, Local government state of origin, birth certificate, driver’s license and two current passport size photographs.

To learn more about it registration process, click HERE

Question: How much does Nigerian International passport Cost?

Answer: See article above.

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