How Much Does Nigerian Army Earn?

The first thing Nigerians ask about any job of interest is the salary structure of such job. Now you’ve wished to know how much a Nigerian soldier earns. You are now on the right page to find out such. Here is just it.

The Nigerian Army Salary Structure

General– N1.5 million

Lt. General– N1 million

Major General– N950,000

Brigadier General– N750,000

Colonel– N550,000

Lt. Colonel– N350,000

Major– N300,000

Captain– N220,000

Lieutenant– N180,000

Second Lieutenant– N120,000

Master Warrant Officer earns N90,000

Warrant Officer earns N80,000

Staff Sergeant earns N68,000

Sergeant earns N63,000

Corporal earns N58,000

Lance Corporal earns about N54-55

Private Soldier earns about N48-49,000.

Taking a good look at the salary structure above, you’ll observe that the high rank soldiers are surely earning well. But the salary of those who really carry out tasks is somehow low. As Nigerian army is always described as one of the best in Africa, from their past achievements, they should be compensated with a more attracting and robust salary to aid more commitment.

Also, from the benefits of increasing these salaries is that security will be entrusted more in them. Even reports of soldiers collecting bribes along the highways will reduce.

But if truly you have passion for the job, you wouldn’t mind the salary. Because there are lot of other benefits in being part of the army. At times, they offer money for education, give comprehensive health care, generous vacation time, special pay for special duties, allowances to cover some cost of living and the prestige and respect you will receive from people for being a soldier even after you’ve retired from the profession.

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More so, you’ll have the opportunity to visit different places and meet notable people, you feel real brotherhood amongst your fellow soldiers. For each fight or task, you team up with different set of people. Then, you’ll start to enjoy your adulthood.

So, being a Nigerian soldier can be fulfilling, depending on what you are actually looking for.

Question: How Much Does Nigerian Army Earn?

Answer: Check article above

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