How Much does Nigeria Spend on Education?

The only way to check how much Nigeria spend on Education is from the annual budget. In 2016, the federal and state governments claimed to have spent 8.44 percent of the total budget of 12.2 trillion naira on education, making 1.03 trillion naira.

For more break down of how the money was expected to be spent , below is an article by Nurudeen Abdullah curled from daily trust newspaper published on June 6, 2016.

“This amount will mainly be spent on bureaucracies of education ministries, teachers’ recruitment and salaries. Of its N6.1 trillion budget, the federal government is spending N367.73 billion (6.01 percent) on education.
The 33 states will spend N653.53 billion (10.70percent) of their total budget of N6.1trillion. This figure is far below the 26 percent bench mark set by UNESCO on education for developing countries.

The federal and 36 state governments will spend over N5.33 trillion (43.7 percent) on payment of salaries and other costs of running their bureaucracies this year, according to a Daily Trust analysis of their approved budgets. This is coming at a time of concerns over the swollen recurrent expenditures in the face of dwindling oil revenues and low votes for development projects.”

Now the question is that were all those huge amounts go into or optimally used?

According to 2017 budget, it was stated in the budget that the Universal Basic Education Commission (UBEC) will get N92 billion and Education N50 billion while the Ministry of Education expected to gulp N398.01b in recurrent expenditure. On the whole, a total of N540.01bn will be expended on education sector in 2017.

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We hope this will be fully implemented to better our Education system.

Question: How much does Nigeria spend on education

Answer: Check article above

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