How Much Does First Bank Nigeria Pay?

From the way people see bank workers looking nice and fresh, they are always curious to know how much they are being paid.

First bank Nigeria is one of the banks that pay their staffs most.  Banking sectors generally is one of the highest paying sector in terms of salary. Though there are differences in how much each of the banks paid due to the fact that there are no specific law or regulation compelling them on how much they should pay their workers.

On the salary level, First bank has been able to prove itself as a bank of prestige. For its entry level, an amount of 90,000 to 100,000 naira monthly is paid depending on department and unit. While your salary may rise with time as you stay within the system.

Apart from the basic salary, there are some benefits of allowances that the bank pays and it also offer a cool leave break.

Question: How Much Does First Bank Nigeria pay?

Answer: Check article above

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