How Much Does Etisalat Nigeria Pay?

Everybody wants to work with nice a telecommunication company like Etisalat Nigeria. But the question is how much does the company pay its workers?

There are many figures over the web showing how much these telecommunication companies pay their staffs. But the truth of the matter is that their salary varies. It is difficult to give a specific digit of their salary structure. Apart from the fact that there are several positions, tasks, and offices, the salary structure do vary with location. That is how most telecommunication companies operate.

Though, from what was gathered is that they are paying relatively well compared to other private companies in the country. Especially the high ranking telecoms professional who actually earn more than their counterparts in the oil and gas sector. While the call center agents are being paid around 70,000 naira per month with free phone credits, free medicals and some other benefits

Some critics have argued that those salaries are still encouraging going by the huge amount of profit make from Nigerians. Good or not, many people working their still see it as a great opportunity.

Question: How Much Does Etisalat Nigeria Pay?

Answer: Check article above

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