How Much Does a Nigerian Professor earn?

“No profession is better than being in the academic system”, say some critics. We would know how true this is from the breakdown of how much Nigerian lecturers earn. From lecturer 2 to professor level.

Salary of Nigerian Lecturers

Lecturer II [1,649,509- 1,979,640 naira per annum]

Lecturer I [2,079,996- 2,684,010 naira per annum]

Senior Lecturer [3,091,505- 4,455,506 naira per annum]

Reader [3,768,221- 5,004,750 naira per annum]

Professor [4,580,349- 6,020,163 naira per annum]

From the above salary values. It is obvious that lecturers’ salaries are far from bad, especially the professors. In the country today, very few civil servants could earn up to that. No wonder people are now queuing for lecturing job.

However, some private universities pay more than those prices to their lecturers.

Apart from the fact that professors receive huge amount of salary, they do go on sabbatical leave where they could do some per time contract job with some other Universities and still have their salary counting. No doubt, it is awesome to be a professor.

Question: How Much Does a Nigerian Professor earn?

Answer: see article above

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