How Much does a Nigerian Governor Earn?

At the present day Nigeria, governors’ salaries have reduced compared to what past Nigerian governors earned. This is due to the new policies adopted by the presidency to manage funds. The new policy does not only affect the governors but other high stake holders in the civil service.

A Nigerian Governor’s basic salary is now 2.22 million naira, their deputies earn 2.11 million naira while the commissioners earn 1.33 million naira monthly. Some critics have argued that the salary is still on the high side, calling for more reduction in the basic salaries since they still collect other allowances.

Whether the salary is much or normal, what most Nigerian believe and call for is that if all the governors and all other government stake holders stick to their legal salaries and allowances only, without embezzling funds indiscriminately, the situation of Nigerians will change.

Question: How much does a Nigerian governor earn?

Answer: Check article above

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