Hottest Lace Aso Ebi Styles (2019)

The lace fabric is a beautiful fabric and a top choice for weddings or any other cultural /traditional ceremonies and social outings. With the current recession hitting the country like angry waves of a typhoon, you don’t have to break the bank to purchase a lace fabric: you can still find those around five to seven thousand naira.

Lace is loved by women because of the classiness and elegance it oozes. There’s something uber-chic about the lace fabric, it makes the wearer look really sophisticated and even regal sometimes (but in a fancy way). Therefore, you can deduce why lace is one of the best Aso ebi fabrics at parties; especially weddings.

Do you have an owambe outing and just can’ find the right outfit to sew? Don’t worry. This article will dazzle you with the hottest Aso ebi styles and tips to help you look stunning at the party.

Gowns and skirts (mermaid styles are more popular) and blouses are currently the most favoured lace as ebi styles in Nigeria. However, most people make mistakes when sewing their Aso ebi styles by sewing a wrong style. Even when the chosen Aso ebi looks plain or really drab, a creative style can transform it into something stunning.

Quite frankly, the number of hours you use to pore over latest fashion lace Aso ebi styles doesn’t guarantee yours to be beautiful: it solely depends on how creative and skilled your tailor is. Therefore, ensure that the tailor you pick is well worth his/her onions.

Tips on how to accessorise your lace Aso ebi styles

  1. Match your accessories to the colour of your dress. Since colour is one of the most important aspects of your dress, it’s important to pick accessories that are similarly coloured in order to make your outfit look balanced and classy.
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For instance, if you’re wearing a light pink lace, you can choose pink or rose-coloured accessories along with it. However, note that matching doesn’t have to be the same.  Even if you’re wearing a light pink lace, you can pair dark pink or magenta shoes along with it. It will add some funkiness/adventurous look to your clothing.

  1. Match your accessories to a detail in the lace. Instead of matching your accessories to the original colour of your lace, you could match them with a secondary colour in your lace. This works well with patterned dresses, as there are varieties of colours you can match your accessories with.
  2. Wear neutral accessories with a bright lace. If your lace fabric is an extremely colour like hot pink or bright yellow, you can match it with neutrals to tone it down. Matching bright accessories with vibrant colored dresses will make you look eccentric than put together. Neutrals like white, black, tan and brown looks good with almost any colour.
  3. Wear subtle accessories with patterned dresses. Since patterned dresses are vibrant themselves, mixing it with accessories that are patterned or intricate would be a fashion disaster. To look classy, pair patterned dresses with shoes and bags of solid colours and use simple accessories like stud earrings or plain bracelets.
  4. Wear a necklace with V or U neck dress. Necklace is best suited for the type of the cut of this dress. Ensure you pick a necklace that is above the neckline of the dress and matches the curve of the neckline. Alternatively, you can opt for a simple pendant necklace or a more elaborate style.
  5. Avoid necklaces with halter necks. Halter neck styles have a lot going in the neckline; therefore, ensure you don’t wear necklaces or big earrings as it will make your outfit look too busy. When wearing a halter neck lace dress, accessorise it by wearing a bracelet or even layered bracelets. It’ll emphasize your arms and balance out the top of your dress.
  6. Match your jewelry to the tone of your dress. Every color has a tone. Warm tone colors include yellow, orange and red, while cool tones include green, blue and purple. Many metals look good with either a warm or a cool tone. Metals like gold or copper look better with warm tone colors because these metals have a warm undertone. On the other hand, silver jewelry looks better with cool-toned colors.
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