Hottest Iro and Buba Lace Styles (2019)

Iro and Buba is an essential part of any Nigerian woman’s wardrobe. Today they are very stylish but still hold on to its rich cultural beauty. They used to be only in Ankara patterns, but modern Iro (wrapper) and Buba (blouse) are hot than before. Many young Nigerian (and even Yoruba) women dislike wearing the old style of Iro and Buba, as they claimed that it made them look very old.

However, the same cannot be said today as young ladies are happily embracing the modern Iro and Buba styles as most say that it’s so like-their-age and classy. Plus, these styles are more fashionable and give the wearer a fresher look too.

Why lace is commonly used to make Iro and Buba

Lace is a very light, delicate material with beautiful ornaments and patterns weaved with it. It has always been described as a very elegant and somewhat intimate fabric; hence, it brings the same pizzazz to the outfits made out of it. Plus, it makes women look regal and alluring.

A peak at what the modern Iro and Buba lace style looks like:

  1. Buba Fabric Types: The traditional Iro and Buba style used to be sewn in Aso-oke and Ankara fabrics. However, lace is popularly used for making Iro and Buba styles for parties.  What’s more? The latest Iro and Buba lace styles come in assorted lace forms like French lace, soft lace, Swiss lace, Cord lace and other lace types. The type of lace you decide to use for your Iro and Buba depends on your taste and pocket.
  2. The Sleeves:Traditional Iro and Buba were only sewn in round neck and wide long sleeves that reached the wrist. The modern Iro and Buba styles are sewn in all sorts of sleeves styles – fitted sleeves, short , three-quarter sleeves (OLEKU Buba/ tops) , puffed, long sleeves, sleeveless, tiny straps and much more.
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Quick Reminder: if you’ve been wondering what oleku means; it’s the name for the short-sleeved Iro and Buba.

  1. The Buba Neckline: The neckline of the old style of Buba is round, while necklines of the modern Buba styles comes in astonishing forms and are also limitless – women are rocking the one-shoulder Buba style, the scallop-neck, high-neck, V-neck, cowl neck, embellished neckline (with beads, rhinestones, sequins, lace etc) and more.
  2. The Body: The traditional Buba style is loose-fitting while the modern styles, thanks to creative fashion designers have been tweaked into the fitted and not-so-loose styles. The type of body style you choose depends on your taste. However, the fitted style is the current rave among women.
  3. The Wrapper (Iro): With the old, traditional Buba style, the wrapper is tied round the waist. However, with the modern style Buba, the wrapper is usually knotted in front (TULIP STYLE) or even in the traditional style. With the hottest Iro and Buba lace styles, the wrapper’s (Iro) length can be in long and short forms: as the wearer desires.
  4. Other:With the Oleku Buba style, the Buba (top) could be paired with a short or long skirt.

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