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Hot 2019 Aso Ebi Lace Styles

Aso Ebi is one of the most common phenomena in the world of fashion, especially in a country like Nigeria. Nigerians are typically fashion savvy, and the fashion industry is booming! The name Aso Ebi literally means ‘uniform attire’ or ‘costume’. While the originator of both the name and the practice of Aso Ebi is unknown, it has grown to become one of the most characteristic features of Nigeria’s culture.


Perhaps the greatest reason why use of Aso Ebi is widespread is that it is very versatile, and can be adapted to suit individual body needs and fabric preferences. For instance, there’s no rule that states that Aso Ebi attires must be made from a certain kind of fabric. Such constricting rules would have effectively phased out the appeal of Aso Ebi, as it would not allow for customers to follow trends. However, thankfully, nowadays, irrespective of the latest or trending fashion styles or fabrics, Aso Ebis are always available.
One of the trending fashion styles for Aso Ebi currently is the Lace styles. Lace material is very unique, and attires styled with lace fabrics always look impeccable and elegant!
Here are the latest hot 2019 Aso Ebi Lace Styles for you.

#1. Red/Wine-coloured Lace Gown

Red or wine lace fabric is suitable for all skin type. The colour wine itself imbues the individual wearing it with tons of confidence and elegance, especially when it is worn plainly or expertly combined with other complementary colours.
This is the perfect option for individuals who are keenly interested in stealing the attention off everyone else at any event. Simply wear a pleasant-looking wine lace gown, with a complementary shade of lipstick, gold or silver neckpiece, black, gold or silver heels, with a nice clutch bag. It gets better when you’re in the midst of friends all wearing the wine-coloured lace aso ebi. The appearance of your crew literally silences all other fashionistas at whatever event you’re attending.

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#2. Silver lace gown with embroidery

If properly styled by an expert fashion designer, your appearance in a silver lace gown with shiny embroidery is perhaps the closest thing to the legendary cartoon character, Cinderella that we’ll probably ever seen while the earth remains. It exudes all the qualities you want to be associated with – beauty, elegance, maturity, and all-round sweetness.
If/when you and your crew are styled in this attire to any event, you’re sure to look like a pack of angels streaming into the area.

#3. Royal Blue lace dress with complementary accessories

For all intents and purposes, nothing adds a touch of elegance and royalty to a fashion savvy woman than a blue dress, provided it is properly styled and complemented, and the shade of blue complements the skin tone of the individual. A royal blue lace dress with bright yellow or golden accessories and/or embroidery is the way to go. That’s perhaps the trendiest combination in the world of fashion today!


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