50 Home Business Ideas in Nigeria

50 home business ideas in nigeria

There are lots of reasons people seek home business ideas in Nigeria. There’s nothing as interesting as working in the confines of your home in your pajamas and getting paid at the same time. Let’s face it, you don’t have to be at the beck and call of an arrogant boss or supervisor, no annoying co-worker to interrupt your day and feed you with the latest company gossip that could get you fired if you are unfortunate to work for a “Dracula or Ice Queen” boss.

It’s just you, your computer and the freedom to do as you wish. If you feel you can’t take the stress of a 9-5 job or you want to take a risk and venture into something new, this article will give you top home business ideas you can dabble into.

Most people choose to start their business from home rather than a traditional office due to reasons such as convenience, cheaper startup cost, enabling modern technology and proximity to customers.  However, it’s pertinent to know that not all home business ideas require internet connection as some require just your talents and skills.

Below are the following home business ideas to try out. Who knows, you just might be lucky to get some startup ideas from this article. Here are 50 attractive home business ideas in Nigeria:

1. Freelance Writing

There are over 150 million websites and about 10,000 new websites or blogs are set up every day. Owners of these websites or blogs require the services of freelance writers to write articles for them. If you love writing or you think you have what it takes to be a wordsmith, you can register at sites like,, and start bidding for gigs.

2. Editing/Proofreading

If you think you’ve got editing skills, check out the sites listed above for these kinds of jobs. There are lots of people who will pay for people to proofread their articles, eBooks, books and manuscripts. If you think you can spot mistake others can’t see, correct sentences and tweak it a little bit without deviating from the main theme of the project, then editing and proofreading might just be for you. You can make this a home-based business and make a decent amount of money from it.

3. Graphic Design

This is also a great home based idea. If you have good skills in Photoshop, InDesign, CS, etc., there are dozens of people willing to pay you good money for quality work. Most businesses need graphic designers to help them convey information visually via logos, posters, advertisements, websites, etc.

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4. Bookkeeping

This is a perfect home business idea for trained accountants who like to work from the comfort of their home, although it isn’t necessary to be a certified accountant. If have background knowledge about bookkeeping, then you are ready to be a freelance bookkeeper. This type of freelance service is mostly employed by small businesses that do not need or cannot afford a full time bookkeeper.

5. Hairstylist

If you have experience making beautiful hairstyles and giving manicures, opening up a shop from your home is a great idea to start your own salon

6. Blogging/Vlogging

If you love to share your opinions with the world, blogging or vlogging is an excellent work from home idea. All you need is a very strong internet connection and you are good to go.

The only difference between blogging and vlogging is that the former allows you to share your opinions with the world in words while vlogging entails making videos. However, it’s important to know that it takes some time to grow an audience and monetize your blog.

Look at what Linda Ikeji has done for herself.

7. Converting eBooks to Kindle/Smash words Format

There are lots of writers who lack the skills to convert their well-crafted manuscripts into formats required by Amazon and other eBook publishing sites. You can set up a home based business and offer your services by advertising the business on the internet or by registering at freelance sites.

8. Online Affiliate Marketing

Most companies find it difficult to find customers. And that’s where you come in. you can help companies find customers by signing up to advertise their products on search engines and social media. When you help them find customers, you earn commissions.

50 home business ideas in nigeria

9. Online Tutoring

If you are a professional teacher, you can teach students all over the world from the comfort of your home office or lounge. All you need are tools such as web chat, Skype, webcam plus high-speed broadband internet. Examples of tutor sites to check out include:,,, skooli, tutorsweb, teachmenow, etc.

10. Copywriting

Copywriters put together promotional writers for businesses, such as ads, commercials, direct mailings, websites and more. Generally, copywriters have a degree in advertising, English, marketing or communication. However, any excellent writer can do a great copywriting job.

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 11. Marketing Consultant

Whether you are giving companies help concerning social media or helping a business with traditional marketing materials, this is a home based business idea that has unlimited potentials for freelancers.

12. E-book Author

Traditional publishing is long dead; e-book is now the raging trend. If you love to write and you are willing to do your promotion yourself, writing an e-book is an excellent way to make money at home.

13. Electronic Repairs

If you love taking apart computer for fun or you love repairing electronics, then operating an electronic shop from your home is an excellent idea. If you are very good at repairing iPads and other tablets, it would earn you a lot of cash as many tablet users are looking for a cheap way to fix their smashed screens and other damages that can be very costly if they go directly to the manufacturer.

14. SEO/SEM Consultant

If you have a real skill in SEO, online marketing and tricks on how to increase website and blog traffic, then it’s time to consider starting a business that gives webmasters advises on how to get more visitors to their sites

15. DJ (Disc Jockey)

If you think you have an ear for music, being a DJ is a great home idea. You can start by performing at birthday parties, weddings and social events in the neighborhood. Once you become a pro, you can start vying for corporate events.

16. Interior Design

If you have a good eye for shapes, color and arrangement, then it means you love interior design. Starting an interior from your home is a cost-effective way to make money from something you are passionate about.

17. Website Design

Statistics claim that around 20,000 websites are created every day. If you’ve got skills to start a web design business, what are you waiting for??? It is a great home business idea that is most convenient and would earn you lots of bucks

18. Photography

Do you have a good eye for quality pictures? You’d be surprised that people pay big money for capturing pictures on special days such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, naming, etc.

19. Cake making and Decoration

Do you enjoy baking? Then you are lucky. This type of home based business doesn’t even require buying expensive equipment to start. You can start with your oven and kitchen wares.

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20. Card Making

Card making is another artistic crafty business idea that can be done from the comforts of your home. Make lively greeting/birthday cards from the scratch using blank cards. You can sell them to your neighbors, firms or sell it online.

21. Furniture making

If you know how to make furniture piece, you can start a furniture business right from your home. However, you would need a large space to start. You can buy necessary materials and equipment from the market to get started. To help advertise your business, make flyers and have a ready-made photo album or catalog of the type of furniture you make.

22. Computer Repairs

Almost everyone has a laptop or PC. A home made computer repair business would find ready-made customers since these equipment experience some problems now and then.

23. Personal Stylist

If you have an eye for clothes and can determine what styles look best on what body types, why not turn your passion for fashion into a great business by becoming a personal stylist/ shopper. When you make others look great, it will help make you feel good.

24. At-home Daycare

This is a good business idea especially for stay-at-home moms who need to bring in some money. Since you are already home staying with your kids, why don’t you invite others? However, before you start, make sure you register with the appropriate authorities and comply with their regulations.

25. Online Store

These days, you can sell anything to anyone in the world without opening a storefront. Whether you are marketing jewelries or dresses, or selling anything, you can find a market for your products online. A popular online market is Amazon.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Don’t worry. Here are other home based business ideas to try out.

26. Massage Therapy

27. Translator

28. M.C (Master of Ceremony)

29. Laundry services

30. Shoe Making

31. Event Planning

32. Plumbing Services

33. Cosmetics Sales

34. Painting

35. Soap Making

36. Candle Making

37. Personal Tutoring

38. Courier Service

39. Video Production

40. Internet Security Consultant

41. Grant Writing

42. Fashion Designing

43. App Designer

44. Furniture Repair and Refinishing

45. Landscape Design

46. Digital Media Conversion

47. eBay Sales Middleman

48. Personal Trainer

49. Social Media Moderator

50. Sculpturing

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