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Groom’s Agbada Style Inspiration For Wedding

Weddings in Nigeria are mostly characterized by three key elements: great food, colourful attires and abundance of guests. In yorubaland, it gets even more specific: Yoruba weddings are not complete without Agbadas and all kinds of aso ebi worn by the couple and the attendees. Yoruba weddings are known to be one of the most colourful ceremonies in Nigeria, and other tribes have even begun incorporating certain aspects of their culture and practices into their ceremonies.

In the past, Agbadas were only worn by traditional rulers and other highly-influential persons in the society. In its crude form, the Agbada attire is symbolic of power and influence; and it was very rare to find peasants and low-class people wearing it without a special reason. However, all of that is now history, as many people have started rocking Agbada with different styles and colours, and for different occasions.

The evolution in fashion trends has significantly influenced the design of Agbadas today. In the past, all there was to the Agbada was a simple design styled using Aso oke fabric: however, nowadays, almost any material can be used to sew Agbada material.

During weddings, especially amongst the yorubas, the groom and groomsmen typically put on nicely-styled Agbadas, while the bride and her brides put on complementary attires. All grooms want to look great on their wedding days, so they go all out to make their attires special. These days the grooms are often the most well-dressed, and many people actually attend weddings to have a view of the latest Agbada styles in town.

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Here are some cool, trendy and innovative Agbada styles that will leave you awestruck!

#1: Classy, plain unconventional Colours

Whenever the topic of styling Agbadas is mentioned, a certain range of colours almost immediately comes to mind. These are the normal colours known to have been used in Agbada-making for centuries – Black, White, Grey, and Navy/Sky blue. However, few individuals have been able to challenge the status quo with their innovative colour combinations. One inspirational style would be to use unconventional colours like Red/Wine, Purple, Army Green, or even Royal blue, provided it complements your skin complexion.

Just something out of the ordinary!


#2: Stripes and Patterns

This is an interesting one. It’s probably never been heard of, but it’s both fascinating and beautiful to make Agbada using striped fabric, especially the Ankara material. Have your stylist study the patterns and stripes to bring out the best in the material, to give you an eye-popping appearance at that special event.


#3: Two-colour combinations

While a lot has been said about the beauty and class of the monotone Agbada styles, one cannot write off the appeal of the dual-coloured Agbadas. For instance, a royal blue agbada on a golden yellow coloured buba and sokoto is just as pleasing to eye as any other single-coloured design; if not more.

The key to combining colours productively is this: ensure that both colours look good together, that the intensity of one is higher than the other, and that the entire combination complements your skin complexion.

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In all cases, finish off the Agbada with nicely-patterned embroidery designs, and add key accessories like a cap, sunshades and a wristwatch to match.













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