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Ghanaian Artiste Shatta Bandle Says Too Much Money

In recent times, social media has been inundated by the theatrics of a certain Ghanaian internet sensation named Shatta Bandle. He is popular for flaunting his wealth on social media and making several outlandish claims regarding his wealth. In fact, at one time he claimed to be richer than Africa’s richest man, Nigeria’s Alhaji Aliko Dangote, and then urged the Nigerian businessman to work harder so as to become as rich as himself!

What an interesting fellow this man Shatta is, you see!

This post delves into his life, unveiling his roots, his lifestyle, and ten facts about him. Read on!


Shatta Bandle is a Ghanaian billionaire musician. He was born in Ghana, and hails from Tamale in the country’s northern region. He was born with a genetic defect that effectively stunted his growth and made him a dwarf. While his exact age is uncertain due to him being tight-lipped over the matter, he is certainly in his mid- to late twenties. He is famous all across Sub-saharan Africa, from Ghana and Nigeria to Kenya and Zimbabwe.


Not many individuals in Africa can boast of the amount of wealth Shatta Bandle displays on social media, especially on Instagram. He is known for boasting enormous wealth and a vast collection of expensive cars, houses and clothings. The source of his supposed wealth is unknown and there are many theories to the source of his wealth. One school of thought held by many Ghanaians and Nigerians is that he got engaged in ‘money ritual’, which is the act of using voodoo to get rich quick. This sounds very logical to traditionalist west Africans who have tried all legal means to investigate the source of his wealth but to no avail. However, another school of thought opines that he is not as wealthy as his social media updates portray, but that he is only a friend to a very wealthy business man in Ghana who sponsors his bills, clothes and trips.

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Well, perhaps to clear the air, the dwarf billionaire recently came on social media to declare that he is the richest man in Africa, and that he is even richer than Nigerian business mogul, Aliko Dangote, who is widely recognized as the richest man in Africa. He further claimed that Dangote’s net worth stands at a paltry ‘9.6 billion USD’, while his stands at over 70 billion USD.

What effontery!

In response, a number of Nigerians like Tunde Ednut and several other influencers reacted to the development by lashing out angrily at him on social media.

Musical Video with Nigerian Artistes

While not a music superstar himself, Shatta Bandle is becoming very influential in musical corridors, especially across west africa. Recently he visited Nigeria to meet with Nigerian music star, Paul Okoye a.k.a. ‘Rudeboy’ of the now defunct P-Square music group. As a matter of fact, the latter released a new song titled ‘Audio Money’ and featured the Ghanaian celebrity in the music video.

Perhaps the days of music collaborations beween Nigerians and Ghanaians are here again.

There is also a mooted collaboration between himself and Nigerian superstar, Wizkid Ayo. A video of Mr. Shatta dancing to one of Wizkid’s recent hit tracks, Joro surfaced online and immediately went viral. In the video, Shatta was seen dancing melodiously to the song. He made no secret of how much he loves the song. He described the song as a ‘Money Song’ and said that he was going to sign Wizkid up. Now Wizkid owns his own record label, yet Mr. Shatta literally said that he would sign Wizkid to his own club or record label or whatever he has.

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Perhaps his wealth and bold, daring nature makes up for what he lacks in height!

Ten facts about Shatta Bandle

Here are ten interesting facts about the M

an of the moment, Shatta Bandle:

  1. His real name is Iddrisu Firdaus. He gave this in an interview with a Ghanaian radio station
  2. Standing at a height of 147 cm (4 feet 10 inches), Shatta Bandle is one of Africa’s shortest individuals
  3. He has very poor dentition, due to having lost many teeth. One can easily imagine how ‘charming’ his smile would be.
  4. He is a big fan of Ace Nigerian musician, Wizkid Ayo. He has made no secret of his admiration for Wizkid.
  5. Although he claims to be very wealthy, he has no known business or investment
  6. He is not related to popular musician Shatta Wale, even though they both have a name in common
  7. Shatta Bandle has so much money, that he allegedly built a mansion for his dog
  8. He claims to be worth over $70 billion
  9. He has never spoken about any of his family members or relatives.
  10. He is not married, and has no known girlfriend or partner, but has been seen with several young ladies at different times

Many celebrities and social media influencers can point to a particular year or event that stood out as their ‘big moment’. For Shatta Bandle, the year 2019 was his break-out year. Before now, he had been posting a lot about his wealth and possessions on social media, even picking on notable Ghanaian multimillionaires and comparing his wealth to theirs. However, he was never really taken serious by both the individuals themselves and the media, until he picked on Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote. The reaction that followed his declarations concerning Dangote’s wealth drew so much attention to him, and his Instagram following increased exponentially. Till today, he still rides on the fame and popularity that he got from it. He is a regular VIP Guest at top entertainment shows in Ghana and across West Africa, and many radio stations and media houses invite him every now and then for exclusive interviews and programs.

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