Fortune Careers Limited: All You Need To Know

Located at 192, Ikorodu road, Palm Grove, Lagos Mainland, Lagos, Nigeria; Fortune Careers Limited provides challenging and rewarding career opportunities. Every career opportunity is tailored to allow a powerful and lasting contribution to the future of our business.


At Fortune Careers Limited, they are dedicated to offering transformational, innovative and comprehensive human capacity building services. The company prides itself as a company with the authority to lead, the creativity to inspire and the will to foster positive social and environmental change.


Their mission is to enable individuals to lead a fulfilling life and contribute to their communities by changing their Attitudes, developing their skills and enriching their Knowledge.


Some of their services include:

1. Human Resources Management:

Fortune Careers Ltd pride itself as a business focused on helping people develop their careers and helping businesses succeed through the acquisition of great talent. Whether you are a client or candidate, they are ambitious for your success and are passionate about offering you great customer experience.


HR Consulting Services of Fortune Careers Limited encompasses a broad spectrum of HR disciplines designed to provide HR expertise that supports the success of an organization. Their delivery of consulting services is based upon timely execution of agreed-upon deliverables and performance results.


The company offers clients practical, sensible HR solutions that help them achieve their business objectives in ways that are consistent with their culture. They not only provide recommendations and solutions but help clients implement to gain maximum value.


2. Human Capacity Building:

According to the company, Human Capacity Building in Fortune Careers Limited creates an enabling environment with appropriate flexibility and functionality of a program to adapt to the changing needs of the population that is served. Its human capacity development is that of maximizing people’s potential to contribute to development by participating fully in all its activities.

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Through its capacity building, individuals and groups are empowered to expand their abilities to fully participate in the development process whereby governance, leadership, mission and strategy, administration (including human resources, financial management, and legal matters) are improved thereby achieving the organizational goals and objectives.


3. Business Development:

Business Development in Fortune Careers involves having varying degrees of strategies that will pave way for new opportunities in a way that products and sales are developed immensely while gaining excellent hands-on experience in negotiating deals and managing partner relationships.


It is not uncommon for business developers to have a combination of strategy, marketing & sales, finance, legal, and operations background. It involves Partnership development, Strategic market development and sales, new business line exploration and new product development.


At Fortune Careers Limited, their Business Development and Financial Education are streamlined but not limited to listed diverse sectors namely:

  • Agropreneurship (Making a sustainable business venture off agro- commodities; goods and services.)
  • Health Entrepreneurship (Health / Nutritional Consulting).

4. Life Coaching Program:

Fortune Careers limited offers personal or group coaching on a variety of topics to champion your life and business. These include but are not limited to:

  • Implementing a Powerful
  • Customized Personal Development Program
  • Creating Extreme Self-Esteem
  • Achieving top success in Business
  • Building Increasing Productivity in Any Business
  • Becoming a Powerful Life or Business Coach Living an Upset-Free Life
  • Eliminate Paralyzing Fears
  • Becoming a Powerful Communicator and Listener
  • Stepping into Leadership or Developing Other Leaders
  • Increasing Charisma and Personal Effectiveness
  • Making the Law of Attraction Work in Your Life
  • Building Powerful Teams
  • Identify Your Most Important Values and Develop a Specific Plan to Honor Them Designing a Stress-free Life of No Regrets
  • Creating Powerful Intimate or Business Relationships Designing a 3, 6 or 12 Month Business Plan for Extreme Accomplishment
  • Personal Mentoring to Attain Top Success in Business of the 21st Century
  • Attract Abundance by Creating a Million Dollar Mindset Achieve Fulfillment
  • Fully Express Your Gifts, Identify and Live Your Life-Purpose
  • Create a Compelling Written Life Vision.
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