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Formal P-square artist, Peter Okoye, reveals he has peace of mind as a single solo artist

Formal P-square artist, Peter Okoye, now popularly known as Mr P, has shed light on his personal life and career after successfully separating with his twin brother, Paul Okoye. As part of one of the ways of promoting his musical career, Mr P decided to talk about his wellbeing without his twin brother on social media. The star artist said, since he turned into a solo artist as Mr P, he has been looking much younger due to peace of mind. Also, he mentioned that minding his business and taking plenty of water as it aids his state of mind.



Consequently, to get responses from his followers, Peter politely requested if they can beat his youthful appearance and rest of mind. Rather than courteously responding to his tweet, one of his followers replied saying, he has been making “shitty music” as a solo artist and also, he needs to reunite with his twin brother, Paul. See fan comment: To be frank, bro..u are not minding ur business..u are obviously competing with ur brother..u need to go back to him, learn how to make quality/ good music…not all these yeyeye shits u v been releasing since u guys separated… #mrp #nepa.

Following the replied he got from his fan, Mr P swiftly replies saying: “: Broke people thinking they have opinion hustle make you no go dey advice Dangote how to do business.”

See followers responses below:


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