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Facts about Linda Ikeji’s Relationship with Sholaye Jeremi

It is no longer news that popular lifestyle blogger, Linda Ikeji was until recently, in a love relationship with oil and gas businessman, Sholaye Jeremi. Like most celebrity relationships, her affair with Sholaye has had severe complications, and the blogger emphatically affirmed that the issue was a ‘closed chapter’. What that means is that, they were no longer together, and she had moved on from his involvement in her life.

We take a closer look at the true state of things concerning the relationship between both of them.

Fact #1: Both of them are Billionaires

Perhaps, the law of magnetism that states that ‘you are what you attract’ holds true for Linda Ikeji and Sholaye Jeremi. Both of them are Billionaires in their respective careers. Linda is a 38 year old superstar blogger, while Sholaye is a 40 year old business man.

At some point in their relationship, Sholaye ‘joked’ about ‘putting a billionaire baby inside her womb’. She responded saying that she too is a billionaire, so the baby would be a billionaire on both sides.

Fact #2: The relationship started in 2015

According to Linda Ikeji’s personal account of the story, they met in the year 2015 at a restaurant in Lagos Island. At the restaurant, Sholaye walked up to her, introduced himself and their friendship started and blossomed. Over time, she grew to like him really well, and would visit him frequently just to spend quality time with him. Soon, their love affair became official, and they cared so deeply about each other. Even though the diversity of their business interests kept coming between them, they always found ways to get together.

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Fact #3: Both of them reside in Lagos Island

Their relationship was not a distance relationship. Both of them stayed in Lagos State. While Linda was based at her mansion in Banana Island, Ikoyi, Sholaye lived at a rented apartment in Lekki. They visited each other often times, and Linda even confessed to working from his place on few occasions. Their love was strong, at the time.

Fact #4: Linda thought they were going to get married

Their relationship was described as ‘heavenly’, and they almost looked destined to be life partners. For many years, Linda had stayed single, waiting for the right man to come along. When Sholaye came calling, he looked every inch like her perfect man, and she committed herself wholeheartedly to the relationship. Their love waxed so strong, and they soon began to make marriage plans.


Fact #5: The relationship lasted only three years

A couple of weeks ago, Linda Ikeji announced on her blog that she was not longer in a relationship with Sholaye Jeremi. Even though the news took the world by surprise, the tell-tale signs were there all along. What started in 2015 came crashing late 2018.

Many issues triggered their relationship troubles, from different personality expressions to differing goals and objectives, to different circles and then totally different career inclinations.

The differences we’re probably too much, which was why the relationship could probably not go further than three years.

Fact #6: They broke up and made up multiple times

Firstly, Sholaye was not consistent in his love for Linda. As a matter of fact, they broke up not less than five times and got back together again each of those times. During those periods when they were away from each other, they still stayed in touch as normal friends. But, like love stories go, they would eventually find a way back into each other’s arms.

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However, at the moment, the latest severance appears to be a permanent one, as Linda described him as ‘a closed chapter’ of her life. The reason for their breakup is not farfetched; Linda’s family members pressed on him to tie the nuptial knot with her, and he refused blatantly and even became aggressive towards her and the family. His reason for rejecting their marriage suggestions was his preference for privacy, which such an association with Linda Ikeji would rob him of.

Fact #7: Linda is Sholaye’s Baby Mama

Even though their relationship has ended, Linda is Sholaye’s Jeremi’s official baby mama. The pair got sexually involved with each other at some point in their relationship, and Linda got pregnant for him. She recently delivered a bouncing baby boy which she named Jayce Jeremi, acknowledging the fact that Sholaye is the child’s father.

Linda always advocated against immoral practices among young girls. She constantly warned them against becoming baby mamas, but now she is one of them. She once spoke about how she regretted becoming what she once spoke vehemently against; but, at the moment, it appears that the joy of having a baby may have ameliorated the pain and regret she may have felt.

Fact #8: Sholaye actually Jilted Linda

Even though media reports indicate that Linda effectively ended the relationship at her discretion, the opposite may actually have been the case.

Sholaye and Jeremi’s heavenly relationship of so much love and care began to grow rusty the moment Linda took in with child. According to her, his attitude and approach to her and her family suddenly changed a while after she told him that she was expecting their baby. His insistence was that he did not want to associate with her popularity, being one who loved a private life. Seeing what could become of him, he began to withdraw from seeing her and being with her until the signs were clear enough for Linda to see that he was no longer interested in her.

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Fact #9: Linda has moved on with her life

Though Linda confessed to still be in touch with Sholaye, she has actually moved on from the past unpleasant situation. Even though she regrets the way things turned out and the fact that she disappointed all her mentees and those who followed her morality talks, she finds joy and solace in the joy that Jayce, her new born son brings her.

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