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EFCC Confirmed the arrest of Ismail Mompha, Nigerians react.

The latest news in town borders on the arrest of a certain popular Nigerian named Ismail Mustapha, also known as ‘Mompha’. News has it that he was arrested at the international wing of the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport, Abuja last week, while he was about to board a plane to Dubai, UAE.


Mompha is a social media celebrity has been living in Dubai for a number of years now, due to tension in Nigeria and reported interest from the EFCC and the Police Force. He has no known legitimate business, even though he claimed to be a bureau-de-change operator in Dubai. The amount of money he flaunts, particularly on social media, makes one wonder how a ‘normal’ bureau de change operator will be so wealthy. It is believed that he only uses the bureau de change concept as a decoy for his fraudulent money scams. He recently purchased the latest Rolls Royce Eagle, making him the first African to own the luxury vehicle. It is said that this same vehicle is owned by Queen Elizabeth of England.

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC made an announcement to confirm his arrest via their official twitter page. It is on record that the self-acclaimed billionaire has been on the ‘wanted list’ of the EFCC for some years, and had successfully evaded arrest multiple times. However, he recently ran out of luck, as the EFCC, Interpol and local airport security teamed up to halt his run.

Upon confirming his arrest, the EFCC alleged that he was wanted for his involvement in several internet-related money frauds, and for operating an elaborate money laundering syndicate spanning several countries and individuals. So massive has been his impact in fraud, that Interpol was actually hot on his heels before his arrest. Reports making the rounds say that he actually fled Dubai to Nigeria in a bid to escape arrest by Interpol, and while aiming to quietly return there, EFCC acted on a tip-off and caught up with him.

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Upon his arrest, he has allegedly provided useful claims about the operations of his crime syndicate and other members of his crew. His confessions allegedly led to the arrest of one of his top partners in crime, a Lebanese man who lived in a lavish 1.8 billion naira apartment in a high rise community of Lagos state, Nigeria.

Several Nigerians have aired their views and opinions on his arrest. Many persons indicated that they saw it coming for Mompha, citing the way he flaunts his wealth on social media as his undoing. Twitter and Instagram, in particular, were inundated with comments from several concerned and jobless Nigerians. Here are a few of their comments, analysis and advice below:

A twitter user called @FifunmiRexx commented:

“Just relax, do not let Mompha and social media get you into trouble. Legit money does not grow on trees, only for fraudsters…”

Another one with the username @london_used commented:

“I have said it before and I’ll still say it again rather die broke than do yahoo….how do defraud other people and live with it conscience at all….

They should use Mompha and Obi to teach yahoo boys lessons.”

Other reactions include:


“I always knew Mompha and Hushpuppi money is not clean, but if you talk, those that look up to them will come after you saying you are hating and all. Una eyes don clear now??? Ole ni everybody.”

@UgwunnaEjikem commented:

“*Mompha allegedly arrested for fraud*

You go “omg can’t believe this, guys I look up to bla bla” you’re either dumb or an amazing pretender.

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You can’t tell how Mompha, Hush, Joe e.t.c made their bones yet you feign surprise each time you hear they’re accused of illegality.”

@quest_un adde:

“The next housemate to be evicted from the BigFrauder house is ……


Hushpuppi: No leave No Transfer!…”


“I’ve always said that there’s no way Mompha’s money isn’t dirty. Person wey dey flex on hushpuppi. Change cars like cloth. Always flaunting millions in cash.

People wey dey use their mama do ritual sef no do reach like this.“


“i heard Mompha was arrested by Interpol for a $5m fraud…i’m just curious about how these people pull such big scam that money, if you convert ham na 1.8 billion naira ooooo


On the other hand, some persons offered some scintillating advice:


“Had Pablo remained in his biz & influenced the politics of the day, he will still be here.

Had Frank Lucas refused his wife coat that night, the Feds wouldn’t have seen him.

Mompha & others need to watch lots of organized crime movies.

Stay low, off radar.”

Trust Nigerians: some even offered an indepth analysis of the siuation:


“Just when mompha thought he has escaped interpol, he ran into EFCC not knowing that interpol scare is a bait.

By now, the bigwigs at EFCC have started sharing his properties amongst themselves even before they confiscate it.

Be cautious, scam is never the way.”


“Someone once said that the reason EFCC is going after Yahoo boys is because Yahoo boys would willingly surrender their money and properties for their freedom.

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Apparently the bigwigs in EFCC are sharing Yahoo boys properties amongst themselves in Nigeria no accountability;

Tinubu and his 2 bullion vans. EFCC seems unperturbed. Major reason why the Magu’s EFCC and Buhari’s war on corruption is so unpopular.”


“Many Nigerians was like “GOD WHEN”

when Invictus Obi was onboard

More people are still asking “GOD WHY”

now that Hushpuppi is in power

Many asked same questions before the

endgame by Interpol for Mompha

You don’t know what you don’t know

Who the cap fit, let them wear it.”

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