Dreadful catastrophe! 28 family members dead in Bauchi motorway and 18 more lifeless in a fatal motor accident in Ondo

It is that time of the year where people pray very hard before embarking on any journey in Nigeria. This could be mainly due to reckless drivers, armed robbers, and terrible roads. December period is usually a very busy time of the year as people visit friends and families for Christmas and new year.

Bauchi’s accident that resulted in 28 dead people

To report that two fatal accidents that claimed lives was just a dark day and one can only hope that drivers will pay close attention while driving. Thursday, December 12, 18 fellows supposedly deceased while others sustained injuries in an awful motor accident along Benin Ore high way. Daily Sun accounts that multiple vehicles were involved in the accident and the state sector commander of the Federal Roads Safety Corps (FRSC), Rotimi Adeleye has been notified. The newspaper recorded that someone within the vicinity and an observer narrated that 18 people died in the accident. In contrary to what people present revealed, Rotimi announced that four people lost their lives, and the rest have been taking to a nearby hospital.

Bauchi's accident that resulted in 28 dead people.

Bauchi’s accident that resulted in 28 dead people.

According to an eyewitness, the two automobiles concerned were said to have departed from South East to Lagos before the disaster arose. The calamity was induced by inappropriate overtaking by one of the drivers of the vehicle. Also, the FRSC boss acknowledged that the accident was caused by excessive speeding by one of the motorists. The multiple wrecked vehicles have been taken to the closest office of the FRSC in Ore.
Another identical circumstance cropped up in Bauchi which resulted in the death of 28 family members. The accident took place in Bauchi-Ningi Federal Highway, Bauchi state. Abdullahi Yamadi, Secretary of the North-west zone of the Nigerian Union of Journalist, confirmed that the deceased were all his relations. Abdullahi said, “Yes, the accident is true, and all of the deceased are my relatives. They were travelling to Yola, Adamawa State, for a visit when the unfortunate incident happened. You know, after the harvest and at seasons like this, people travel to visit loved ones’ residents in different places and that was where they were going to.
They left Dutsinma, Katsina State, and they had left Jigawa State and were within Bauchi State when their vehicle had a head-on collision with another vehicle. They were 29 in the vehicle, and all of them died except the driver, who survived.
This is very sad news and very pathetic for 28 people from the same family to die in an accident in one day. It is really sad.”

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